Essay On Mass Hysteria

The once was a day in a distant time where mass hysteria had broken out and everyone was turning against one another. The people referenced this day as a cruddy day, as There were people falling over and collapsing from sickness and exhaustion, people dashing around and smashing into each other’s houses and stealing food and supplies from stores. Even the police officers were stealing items from other people. But there was a man named koralis who was kind to all and always never intended to do harm to others around him although they might do harm to him.

He had a wife and kids, his wife’s name was beth and his kids names were jerold and gimia he loved the dearly and he would do anything to protect them. Koralis was strutting down the street with his kids to the local park when he saw a heard of people running and screaming in one direction as i they were running away from something, and they definitely were. He stopped and held his kids close hesitantly then told them to turn around and go home. He knew he didn’t have to walk home with them as they were only a couple blocks away from there house.

He started to walk up to them until he could see what they were running away from. He noticed a man kneeled down next to someone who was laying down on the ground who looked as if they were unconscious. He got closer to the two figures and he noticed the one on the ground was bleeding alot and had what looked to be as if they were chunks of flesh taken out of her body. In the screams of fear he called out for help but nobody came to help him so he got even closer, and to his surprise he saw a child kneeled next to a woman. Koralis asked if he knew this woman and if he could help her in anyway possible.

The boy didn’t respond. And out of the chilling dreaded silence arose a sudden scream out of the woman that sounded like a million forks scraping down a chalkboard. The woman stood up, she was drooling with a red streak of blood on her face but she stood there until she looked up at the sky and abruptly screamed, She leaped at the boy and savagely started to bite and rip his skin off. Koralis tried to stop her. He shouted in shock over and over “GET OFF OF HIM,” he started to hyperventilate but he then took into action and looked for something to hit her with but could only find a stick. e ran up to her but to find the boy dead and just sitting there like she looked before she got up. Koralis put 2 and 2 together and suddenly realized that this was a some kind of infection like a plague where it turns people against each other in an act of cannibalism. He cowardly ran in fear of his life like the crowds had earlier. He took shame upon this action but he had his wife and kids in mind as he did it. Once he had made it home he ran in to kiss his wife. She asked him what was wrong as he was sweating and breathing heavily.

He than explained t her what had happened and asked if the kids got home safe, she had responded in a mellow voice that they “ were in their room playing video games like always” This was a relief to koralis, as he had feared the worst had succumb to his children. He told his wife and kids frantically that “we need to go… NOW!! ” they all scrambled around the house to get there most important possessions that they know they could never leave without. He had his gold necklace, his wife had her mothers locket, jerold had his video game console and his favorite game and gimia had her teddy bear.

They got in there car and drove away as fast as the could to the nearest CVS so they could get medical supplies and food, but when they got there they were surprised to what they had found. They found bodies everywhere and people who were just standing there doing nothing, looking dazed and questionable to everyone in the car. When the car got closer to the people the family was extremely fearful. The people looked as if they were dead but they weren’t they were very much still alive. Jerold pointed out that they look like the zombies from his video games.

They “zombies” started to scream and moan till they eventually started to chase down the family’s car. Koralis immediately speed up his car until it was going as fast as it could which wasn’t very fast as it was a prius. And started to mow them over like nothing but it really was taking a toll on the car. They made managed to make it away from all of the,m but they hadn’t had time to run into the CVS but it wouldn’t have mattered anyway, because they were watching the news on there phones where there were bloodbaths at stores and medical supply clinics all around the country.

They then turned to other means of getting food, water and supplies to survive what seemed to be a zombie apocalypse. They scavenged abandoned houses, buildings and hotels. In the houses they normally found supplies like weapons and old food that they just left bc it is old and nobody wants any of that. In the buildings they would find stuff like bottles of water but the stuff they were really looking for was in the hotels.

In the hotels they found mountains and mountains of glorious glorious food from bright orange and flaky cheese puffs to meat they could never have imagined like rib eye steaks that made your mouth water just to think about with there succulent juices steaming as they cook over 425 degrees fahrenheit. They went off to find a way to get out of the city and to get out of the country. So they fled to the airport to get out of the country. When they got there they found tons and tons of people screaming and panicking with gunshots going of like a barrage of fireworks on the fourth of july.

They ran up and into the airport where there were people barricaded inside and for a good reason there were mountains and mountains of the undead sitting outside those doors. The people fired and fired more and more bullets not leaving more than one still standing with people shooting LMG’s, assault rifles, pistols, and even an RPG. The heard never stood a chance but shooting a lot of bullets which make a lot of noise isn’t very good as it attracts them for some reason. Once they finally made it to the front of the building they were shocked to see but only 6 people there for how easy it was to combat the hoard of the undead.

They told koralis and his family that the only way in that isnt blocked off is thru the roof of the building. They explained that there is a stairway leading to the ladder up there and that they presume that they would have to pass threw another hoard of them, but if they make it in they can provide food, water, guns, and shelter until they would like to leave. they warned them that they need to be extremely careful as it was turning night time and the last group that came to them at night time never made it inside.