Essay on Once Upon A Troll Analysis

Once Upon a Troll By Nora Clarkowski, Maggie Yuhas, and Piper Streit Once upon a time, Cindy wakes up with the sun streaming through her windows and the sound of blue birds tweeting and her mother yelling from downstairs. She pulls herself out of bed and throws on her cream white dress and her trusted pastel blue high top Converse, she would never leave the house without. She sits down at breakfast, hoping for one calm moment before school, but instead is greeted by her step mother’s constant questions. She’s always loved her stepmother, after her father died, she was all Cindy had.

So Cindy, are you going to the prom tomorrow night? ” Her stepmother inquires nosily. “I don’t know, maybe. ” Cindy snaps back, trying to put it out of her mind. Cindy is nervously awaiting her boyfriend to ask her, she’s beginning to get worried he never will. “Well my darling, I hope your prince charming makes his move,” says her step mother gently. “I hope so too! ” she responds as she storms off to catch her pumpkin orange bus. She meets up with Jasmine, Ariel, Tiana, Aurora and Belle at her locker as they discuss prom dresses, dates and shoes for the upcoming dance.

They’ve decided that of course, they will all wear high top Converse. Jasmine will wear teal, Ariel- purple, Tiana- green, Aurora- pink, Belle- yellow, and Cindy, of course will wear her classic pastel blue shoes. From across the hall they see Ralphy the Troll trip over Ariel’s boyfriend Eric’s feet. He stumbles and drops his books, the girls all laugh. “Oh my god, Ralphy is such a nerd! ” Jasmine snickers. “He’ll be lucky if Ursula would even consider dancing at prom with him,” Ariel sneers. All the girls laugh then go to their classes. Cindy is left daydreaming about her boyfriend, Chandler.

The first bell rings knocking her out of her daydream and Cindy rushes to class, late again. Her untied left Converse slips off of her foot, she runs away oblivious to the fact that Ralphy the troll is holding a sign behind her that reads, “Will you be my princess at prom? ” Along with a bouquet of blue roses. Cindy goes to her class missing a shoe. After class she goes back to the hall only to find it littered with old homework and broken pencils, but no pastel blue high top converse.

She went to the lost and found, “Gold tiara… No. Bejeweled hair brush… No. Misplaced fairy wand… No. Ooh a shiny red apple, I am kind of hungry… Hmm maybe not today. ” Cindy kept searching through piles and piles of misplaced magical objects but still, no Converse! She felt exhausted and hopeless and went home without her loyal pastel blue high top Converse. Cindy awoke feeling ecstatic because today was the day of prom! She quickly realizes that she not only did not have her unfailing pastel blue high top Converse, but Chandler has still not asked her out! She frantically got ready realizing she was already late. She slipped on a pair of old and destroyed orange low top Converse, knowing her day could only get worse.

She hopped on the bus attempting to hide her hideous shoes but, without success. When she got to her locker, Chandler walked up behind her. “What shoes are you wearing? ” He said in a spicy voice. “I’m sorry these are the only pair I can find! ” She shyly responds. “Okay, well try to find your regular ones before tonight,” He says rolling his eyes. “For prom!? ” She asks excitedly ignoring his tone. “Yeah, obviously, I don’t have anyone else to go with and I’m for sure not going with one of Snow White’s 7 dwarves,” he laughs and walks away leaving Cindy anxious to find her missing shoe.

The girls all go to Cindy’s house to meet up with their fairy godmothers to do their hair and makeup. Between the “bippity boppity boos” and gasps of excitement, Cindy weeps her complaints of not being able to find her much needed, very important pastel blue high top Converse. It’s almost time to go and the fairy godmothers use their wands and… “abra cadabra! ” The dresses all look perfect with their matching colored converse. But still, Cindy can’t find hers. It’s 7:45 pm and the dance starts at eight. Cindy still does not know where her other pastel blue high top Converse is.

It’s now 7:50 and Cindy can’t take it any longer, she tells all of her friends to go to the prom without her. Cindy sits at her house, exhausted and debating if she should go, even if she only has the orange low top Converse. At 8:30 she hears a knock on the door. “Chandler! ” Cindy excitingly says. “Why didn’t you meet me at the prom? ” he said in an annoyed voice. “Well I still cannot find my pastel blue high top Converse! ” she worryingly said. “I was scared you wouldn’t want to go to prom with me if I didn’t find them. ”

“You’re right. If you can’t find your other pastel blue Converse then I don’t want to go to prom with you. I think it would be better if I just went to prom alone,” Chandler said as he walked out the door. Cindy sat in her house for hours, crying. She had never been so sad in her life. That was her only chance to go to prom and now she will never be able to go. It was now 11:45 and she heard a knock on her front door. Surprised, Cindy got up and opened the door. She was never so excited and scared in her life. Ralphy the troll was at her house and the worst and best part was the fact the he had her magnificent pastel blue high top converse.

Cindy and her friends had always made fun of Ralphy for how ugly he was and now he was the one with her shoe. “I have come to bring you something I think you have been looking for,” Ralphy said with a smile. “My pastel blue high top Converse! ” She said as her eyes started to water. “How could I ever repay you for returning this shoe to me? ” “Well,” he said in a nervous voice, “could I take you to prom miss Cindy? ” as he reached out his hand to take her’s. Cindy was about to say yes as the bells rang three times and the clock stuck 12. Prom was over.

Cindy would never get a chance to dance the night away in her beautiful blue dress. Tears started the fall down her face. “Cindy what’s wrong? ” said Ralphy. “Oh nothing, it’s just that I always dreamed of going to prom and now I will never have the chance to,” Cindy said as she started to cry. “It’s never too late to have prom Cindy,” Ralphy said with a smile as he took her hand. Cindy then followed Ralphy through the town and into the forest, concerned of what was to come next. Eventually, they came to the biggest castle Cindy had ever seen.

“Whose castle is this? ” Cindy said amazed. This castle, would be my home,” Ralphy calmly stated. “I am the prince of Pinorgie, soon to be king, once I find my queen of course! ” The two of them entered the castle, hand in hand, and went into the ballroom where Ralphy had set up a prom for just the two of them. The room had a grand, crystal, chandelier and pastel blue balloons covering the floor and white streamers raining down from the ceiling like snow. They danced until dawn, Cindy had the prom she always dreamed of. “Ralphy may be a troll, but he is the kindest person I’ve ever met,” Cindy said to herself.

Three years passed and Cindy and Ralphy are still living in that very same castle together, graciously ruling over Pinorgie. Far away from anyone who could ever make fun of them again. They get married in the castle, Cindy, becoming the queen she was always destined to be and Ralphy being the King, Cindy always deserved. They live in their castle alone and in love but soon comes along triplets. Half troll children; named Trudy, Trevor and Trip. Trudy of course has taken after her mother and wears her very own precious pastel purple high top Converse. The five of them live happily every after.