Pretty In Pink Film Analysis Essay

In India, The Caste System is used to determine what rank one will be in society and the social class one is in cannot be changed. The Caste System is mostly practiced in India, however it slowly travelled and made its way to high school. In the 1986 comedy, drama, and romance, “Pretty in Pink”, starring Molly Ringwald as Andie Walsh and Andrew McCarthy as Blane McDonnagh the two main characters face many trials and tribulations in their love for each other in 1980’s high school because of the different social classes the two come from.

Ultimately, because the two come from different worlds this leaves into question, can their relationship work? Andie is a high school senior who is an outcast at school. She creates her own clothes by upcycling and uses the color pink very much. Andie’s best friend is Duckie, who has a not so-secret crush on her, and Iona, her boss at TRAX (record store) and is Andie’s mentor. In addition, she takes care of her father because her mother left them.

Many “richies” (wealthy individuals) at school constantly bully Andie and Duckie, but one “richie” that picks on her named Steff is interested in Andie romantically, but is constantly blown off by her. However, one afternoon Andie sees a “richie” walk in through TRAX and instantly falls in love with him and he with her. Both continue to grow the budding relationship and forget about the problems their relationship can cause because of them coming from two different worlds.

Duckie finds out about their relationship and is outraged that Andie is interested in Blane and not him and Duckie, very hurt, tries to ruin their first date to a bar in Andie’s part of town by being pessimistic and negative. Tired of Duckie, Andie and Blane go to a party the “richies” are throwing, for the second part of their date, and find Steff who is jealous to see Andie and Blane together and much to Steff’s dislike Blane asks Andie to the prom.

Steff implants ideas into Blane causing him to second guess his relationship with Andie and causing for him to not go to prom with her, which pleases Steff. This rejection crushes Andie and causes her to wonder if two different worlds can collide and if she is better and stronger than the others that hurt her. Furthermore, one actor stood out from the rest and truly stole the show. The comedic talent of Jon Cryer starring as Duckie was a very unique character in the film and was very interesting and fascinating to watch.

Throughout the entire film Cryer as Duckie makes many jokes such as “it’s called a sense of humor – you should get one – they’re nice” and “this is an incredibly romantic moment, and you’re ruining it for me”. The jokes were very well laid out and kept the audience laughing as if one were eating out of the palm of Jon Hughes hands. Cryer’s performance had me wanting to see more of him and feel what he felt. I found myself feeling empathy for Duckie as he found out his dream girl loved another and could understand the anger he felt when he would see Andie and Blane together.

Consequently, after watching “Pretty in Pink” one will be finding a good laugh after seeing Cryer’s performance as Duckie and will be pleased with his performance and realize the true star of the movie was Duckie and not Blane or Andie. Nevertheless, the love and life Ringwald and McCarthy give to the characters of Andie and Blane is magic on the big screen. The relationship the two main characters share on screen is real and does not seem made up or made for Hollywood. The way the couple acts on screen is very similar to the ways a couple would act in real life and does not give the idea of a perfect relationship.

Ringwald and McCarthy are very introverted at the beginning of the relationship and are very open about their feelings towards one another to their own friends, but never truly to each other until their relationship starts to grow; which is what a real couple would do. Proof the couple demonstrates couples reactions is when Andie says, “I’m sorry for bumming out the night for you. ” and Blane says “You didn’t bum out anything. ” This acting style pleased me and gave me the idea the couple had real feelings for each other.

The acting style this duo portrays on the big screen is very realistic of a budding relationship and is very deserving of kudos. Consequently, “Pretty in Pink” was a decent film that did have its hilarious moments and upsetting moments. “Pretty in Pink” was a film that is not of my taste, however the acting that was done in the film was very enjoyable to watch. This film is a must see and will be a memorable movie to watch and can be relatable to anyone in high school and the older generations’ high school experience.