Essay On Security Checks

Within the last several years, security checks, especially in the United States, have become more advanced along with rules and regulations of security being enforced. This is due to the increasing amount of threats, attacks, and use of illegal substances or items throughout the world. Authorities have increased security in the school system, national borders, trading ports, and airports. The increasing amount of security checks has a positive impact on society and these checks should be improved often to assure the safety of all people.

Although the United States has improved security to protect all people from various situations, there are many people who disagree with these changes. These people say that security checks are taking away their freedoms as Americans. Organizations such as We Won’t Fly say that body scanners and other forms of airport checks are intrusive, humiliating, take too much time, and that the high budget is unnecessary. (We Won’t Fly) In an interview with Brad Nicholas, who works at TSA in Las Vegas, he confirmed that taxpayers fund the TSA budget.

Many people argue that the millions of dollars needed to fund TSA should come from taxes on plane tickets instead. When asked about the negative aspects of TSA security, Brad Nicholas stated, “If TSA would streamline the workforce by forcing the officers to perform at an extremely high level and invest in better technology. This would potentially reduce the workforce by up to 70% saving millions of dollars. ” These are some of the many reasons people are against the increasing security. Before September 9th, 2001 security was not as advanced.

Airline securities could not detect dangerous items such as cutting tools, explosives, or firearms with technology. These items were able to be hidden and taken past security easier. Prior to the terrorist attacks on 9/11 many airports did not require multiple forms of identification. This allowed many people to falsely identify as a government authority by using fake badges. Falsely identified agents could bypass all security and gain easy access to many secure places within the airport.

These imposters could carry potentially dangerous items into the airport and onto the aircraft. (IFPO) The security system had many holes and problems in procedures. Items that were prohibited, such as lighters, were not searched for most of the time because it took a lot of time to search each individual bag or person. In larger airports, handheld metal detectors were used and beeped if any large metallic items were sensed. The bags and people that had been sensed were then took for a pat down search in another location before continuing. Brad Nicholas) These relaxed forms of security allowed for many dangerous situations, such as 9/11, in the airports and on aircraft. In the past 14 years after 9/11 security has become a top priority in the United States. (IFPO)

George Bush passed The USA Patriot Act on October 26th, 2001. This act allows for many successful systems and securities to protect all Americans from attacks similar to September 11th. (USA Patriot Act) President George Bush also provided 20 billion dollars to improve and upgrade security in airports. IFPO) With this money airports were able to provide new systems of security such as full-body and baggage x rays. With the new technology, all passengers and baggage are required to be checked. Firearms, sharp objects, tools, food, sporting goods, explosives, and flammable items are not able to be in an airport or on an airway because they hold potential to be harmful to others. Schools have taken efforts to improve safety at school. Some of these include doing more drug searches, locker checks, and bag checks.

The fourth amendment in the United States Constitution states that search and seizure is prohibited unless there is a probable cause and requires a warrant for actions to be taken. (US Constitution) This keeps schools from searching the students personal property unless there is a legal reason to do so. Many schools provide drug searches where an authority figure, such as a police officer, will come into the school with drug dogs. These dogs are trained to recognize the scent of many illegal drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, and heroin.

If one of these substances is scented by the dogs, an authority figure may search the area. In bigger cities where violence incidents are more common, schools have placed metal detectors at the main entrance of the building. (School Security) This helps to keep dangerous, metallic, items such as guns or knives out of the school. The United States national borders and ports do various security checks to keep the citizens within the country safe. Technology is used to screen the cargo containers being imported or exported to the United States to eliminate potential risks.

The main items that are not allowed at US borders include certain foods, animals, clothings, weapons, and illegal drugs. (Customs and Border Protection) By not allowing these items into the country, it prevents people from being harmed, disease from being spread, or a disruption in public safety. In conclusion, security checks have a positive impact and provide people with a form of protection, security, and reassurance. Airports that have several different security checkpoints eliminate the chance of any disturbances to occur during flight.

Locker and bag checks that take place in schools minimize the amount of illegal substances and weapons on school grounds. The United States national borders and trading ports inspect immigrants and items crossing the borders to keep harmful items out of the country. The United States of America have taken many steps to improve the safety within our country and should remain to keep improving the securities throughout the nation to keep it free from preventable danger.