Essay on The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Analysis

Tamar Miller
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson: 2005
“The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” is the first in the bestselling “Millennium” trilogy by Scandinavian author Stieg Larsson. It is a complex, passionate and compelling thriller centred on the intrigues of financial fraud, corrupt minds and on an affluent family’s dark past.
Henrik Vanger, the head of Vanger Corporation, is convinced that his niece, Harriet’s, disappearance 40 years earlier was no accident. He believes that she was murdered, that a member of their own family is the culprit. Henrik finds hope in Mikael Blomkvist, a well renowned financial journalist, who has lost a libel case and watched as his life is subsequently ruined. Blomkvist is charged with…

He is motivated by the search for truth, and challenges his basic moral viewpoint. He is charming, kind and incredibly believable. His human failings and visible development make him relatable. He works closely with Salandler, another ingenious creation, and forms a close and inherently credible bond with her. Salander’s characterizes the misunderstood genius with a troubled youth and issues with authority. Ultimately, she is isolated from the world by her ‘difference’ and her rejection of societal rules and norms. Blomkvist is rejected by the world following his loss of reputation. They find solace in one another’s company and their warm and loving relationship and tenuous romantic involvement, stands as a stark contrast to the stark harsh world depicted in the Novel.
Although it may seem like a run of the mill, mystery thriller, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo subtly explores very relevant topics. One, is the horror of gender based violence and the power and control over others. The original title of the book in fact, was “Men who hate Women”. Salander’s guardian is in control of her finances. He uses this power cruelly and brutally rapes her. Furthermore, the book’s serial killers defend their murder and torture of women through biblical verses claiming that they are vile and unworthy – “She profanes herself by playing the…