Essay On Why Zbths Should Wear Uniform

If you were a student at zbths what do you want to wear a school uniform? Would you want to look the same as everyone around you for 7 hours a day? If zbths requires students to wear a school uniform then they wouldn’t like school even more than they already do. in my opinion, zbths should not require students to wear school uniforms. Not wearing school uniforms allows individuality, confidence, and freedom of expression. Individuality is when you can stand out from the crowd or be noticeable in a group of people. A school uniform is something that no one really likes, and makes everyone look the same.

Students in high school have many different personalities, which they need to somehow express. Their personalities make them stand out from everyone else, they express them through their clothing. Maybe you know someone who always wears blue on Wednesdays, or someone who has a different pair of shoes for everyday of the week. Individuality also shows off your interests or hobbies such as a band or sport you play. Maybe you see someone with a t-shirt on that says something about volleyball, then maybe you would talk to them if you like volleyball too.

If zbths requires school uniforms then no one would know what others’ hobbies or interests are, so no one could really make friends with someone who likes the same things as them. Lastly, individuality allows for the ability to not look like every other person in your school. This means that people can wear their own clothes, not school uniforms, and they will be different and special in their own way. School uniforms don’t allow this because everyone is wearing the same colors and clothing leaving no room for people to be different.

Individuality is how people express their personalities, interests and hobbies, and their ability to stand out and be different among everyone else. Confidence is the key to fitting in during high school. Always feeling confident is the best thing to do while going to school. You should wear what you feel comfortable in, and not be required to wear a school uniform. Some people might feel confident while wearing a uniform, although others who may be overweight, or have a body they aren’t comfortable with might not want to tuck their shirt in and show their body shape even more.

Or wear a tight-fitting collared shirt that might not fit them in the best way as it does on someone else. Students shouldn’t have to be told they have to wear a certain outfit or color to school, they should be able to wear what they feel comfortable in. Maybe someone always wears jeans and a tshirt because that’s what they feel confident in. Others may like to dress up, or maybe a boy likes to wear collared shirts, that’s just what makes them feel confident. Although students who always have school spirit might like the idea of uniforms others, not so much.

Some students might be worried they will get picked on or bullied about how a school uniforms looks on them and so on. Confidence at school allows you to feel comfortable, have clothes that perfectly cover your body how you want it to, and just to feel confident in school. The rainbow has every color in it. Zion-Benton only has three, – maroon, white, gold. Freedom of expression is the right, that everyone has, to express their feelings, or emotions, in many different ways.

While many students at zbths wear school colors on fridays, maybe someone hates the color maroon and never wears school colors. Others may like to wear school colors in their outfit everyday somehow. School uniforms are a unity of school spirit, although students wouldn’t like to wear maroon everyday of the school year. School uniforms allow no freedom of expression and no one would be able to know what people like and dislike. You can know what someone likes by what they wear, maybe they never wear something blue, but always wears something purple.

This is just one thing that school uniforms get in the way of. Freedom of expression is when people dress how they feel. Maybe one day you are feeling really happy and excited for school so you wear school colors, or just a bright fun color like yellow or pink. Or on another day you are feeling sad or angry you might wear something blue or red, but only if you classify emotions with different colors. Freedom of expression is wearing your favorite colors, expressing what you like and dislike, or wearing an outfit that expresses how you feel.

Not wearing school uniforms allows for individuality, confidence, and freedom of expression. Zbths should not require school uniforms, because they would get in the way of how students express themselves. So, if you were a student at zbths would you want to wear school uniform? Would you want to look the same as everyone around you for seven hours a day? By the way, did you know that students who wear school uniforms have a block in their growing process, it’s the ability to make their own decisions, everyday of their lives.