The Importance Of School Dress Code Essay

School Dress Code What is fair? What is fair when it comes to schools dress code? Parents have said when they were in high school they could wear off-the shoulder crop tops with their low-rise jeans and chucks and be just fine. Smithville High School has made strict rules on what to wear to be less “distracting to the learning environment. ” But it’s a natural thing for people to be attracted to others, whether it’s our personalities, our smile, in this case, our skin. Some private, and some public schools have school uniforms to become “equal” and to be “one. ” But why is our school making the things we are wearing a big deal.

AND it’s even “bad” enough we have to be removed from our education because we are “such a distraction to the learning environment. ” But I am more than a distraction. No one can justify the limit to what students should and should not wear at school. Smithville High School’s dress code policies state: STUDENT APPEARANCE “The Board of Education recognizes the value of allowing individual student expression as well as the necessity of protecting student health and safety and maintaining an atmosphere conducive to education and not obstructive to the educational environment.

Student dress code procedures must be designed with the goal of balancing these competing interests. All dress code procedures will adhere to health and safety codes and comply with applicable laws. The Smithville RII Board of Education believes that dress promoting the use of drugs, alcohol, tobacco, or criminal or sexual activity disrupts the educational environment. No procedure will impose dress and grooming rules based on gender in violation of Title IX. District procedures will specifically define ambiguous terms, and examples will be provided when practicable. (See FILE: JFCA Student Dress Code on the District Website).

School is a place for the expression of good taste and age appropriate dress and behavior. Student dress has a significant effect on learning and behavior. The following dress which disrupts the educational environment will be prohibited: DRESS CODE: The general atmosphere of the school must be conducive to learning. If a student’s appearance attracts or undos attention to the extent that it may become a disruptive factor in the educational process or if the student’s appearance is inconsistent with the school’s mission, the student will be asked to make the necessary changes.

The Smithville Rll School Board expects student dress and grooming to be neat, clean and in good taste so that each student may share in promoting a positive, healthy and safe atmosphere within Smithville High School. Good judgment when selecting clothing for school is expected. Remember that weekend attire might not be appropriate for classes. Clothing or lack of clothing should not disrupt the educational process of the school. Examples of current fashion items that are not in good taste, or dress that disrupts the educational process may include, but are not limited to, the following:

1. Necklines that are too low or exposed midriffs. . Shorts, skirts, dresses or shirts that are tight, short or transparent. 3. Strapless or spaghetti strap attire and tank tops. 4. Pants, shorts or skirts that permit the display of undergarments, whether worn low or having a low rise 5. No bare backs or midriffs. 6. No pajama’s 7. Boxer shorts, biker pants, overly tight or short garments are not allowed. The administration will retain the right to make a final decision as to what constitutes appropriate attire, and whether the requested deviation will be allowed. A student wearing any type of apparel not deemed appropriate by the administration will be asked to change clothing.

Dress code violations: First Offense • Conference with the Administration • Student changes clothes before he/she can go back to class Second Offense • Conference with the Administration • Notification of parent/guardian • Student changes clothes before he/she can go back to class • May include either ISS, OSS or detention Third Offense • Conference with the Administration • Notification of parent/guardian • Student changes clothes before he/she can go back to class • May include either ISS or OSS Students are issued appropriate clothing if sent to the office, therefore students will not miss instructional time.

Administration will keep the students’ clothes until the student returns the clothes from the closet. ” Who has the right to decide this? Who has the right to decide what is and what isn’t appropriate? It’s not about what we are wearing; it’s our bodies. Every girl out there has a different body type. Two different girls can be wearing the same thing, and the school board will only point a finger to only one of the girls. Fifteen years ago, no one was throwing fits over each other’s shoulders. No leaving class because of office referrals, there were no class interruptions.

Now, we are getting pulled out of OUR education for OUR long legs showing when we wear shorts and low lined shirts that show our glowing collar bones or a small bit of cleavage. We are getting pulled out because of OUR bodies. Us young women did not chose the body type we have. We are labeled as the main problem when it comes to “A distraction to the learning environment”. We have been constantly pushed and taught into making ourselves discreet and hide our bodies. God forbid a teenage boy sees a bra strap during class but it’s completely okay for them to harass girls against their bodies. It’s acceptable for a teenage boy to be llowed to be shirtless at a football game but when a girl is seen in a tank top it’s stretched out into a big deal. A big enough deal we have to be taken out of our school time, just to change our clothes. BUT it’s still our fault for the young men to be doing those actions. We don’t make them stare, we do nothing.

Most of us girls wear the clothes we wear, for ourselves. It’s a selfpleasing thing. It boosts our confidence, it makes us feel good about ourselves. We don’t wear this stuff to impress boys. Us girls did not chose the way we look and it is certainly not our fault that boys are “distracted. Don’t get me wrong, us girls get distracted too. I can’t say enough that it’s a natural thing and all of us are hormonal. Ever since we were young, girls have been taught to keep our “personal girly things” a secret. If a girl’s bra strap is seen the whole student body’s mouth drops. It’s even worse if a girl is seen with a tampon, the student body drops dead. AND I’m not even gonna mention when a boy sees a girl’s armpit hair. Being taught to hide ourself and to be discreet, is not living. Why is the Smithville dress code mostly directed towards us young girls?

We are ALWAYS getting the blame for the “distraction” or getting sent out because of our attire. At this point in time, it’s sexist towards girls when it comes to clothing. But, our school enforcing a dress code is not sexist. Having a dress code sets our mind set when it comes to professionalism in the real world. Schools are a place for learning and that environment deserves respect. There is a limit to what should and should not be worn. The work force has stronger restrictions in the real world and it make sense that too much bare skin is a distraction. But it’s also common sense to dress appropriately.