Essay On Women Should Be Allowed In Combat

If any of you have a family member in the US Army or the Navy, I’m sure you’re very proud of them, protecting and serving this nation we call home. I wonder who has a family member that has a woman in the Army or war. But I guess that that’s a problem. A lot of people would argue against women in combat. Women should be allowed in combat because men and women are equal as is everyone else, they have the right to serve and protect our nation just as much as men do, and any woman is capable to do so. Women are just as equal as men as is everyone else.

Women shouldn’t be called out just because they’re not strong, or don’t have as much mentality as men. Women should have the right to serve in combat. Only women with really good training and strength would be allowed in war. The leaders wouldn’t allow anybody with no training or skill out in combat. “As long as an applicant is qualified for a position, one’s gender doesn’t matter. ” (Sisters in Arms) It isn’t hard to give a woman you’re going to deploy pre-training before she gets sent off. You can’t say women don’t have the strength or they’re not qualified to serve in combat about every woman.

Everyone is equal, which means men and women are too. Women have a right to serve and protect our nation, like men. Wouldn’t it be just as easy to call out any man who wasn’t doing their job? Any woman can be capable of going into combat. “But for anyone familiar with today’s troops and the missions they face — or who has paused to read the names of this nation’s combat casualties — the historic move by the Pentagon to open up front-line roles to women is hardly a shock. ” (Pentagon) Women have always fought in America’s wars, so why now, all of a sudden, do people have a problem with it?

They make up 15 percent of the U. S. Armed Forces. They’ve led men in battle, been kept a prisoner of war, died proud knowing they didn’t die for nothing. Any woman is capable to serve in combat. Some women are faster, stronger, and have better mentality when they’re in combat than some men do. No one really calls out the men who don’t know what they’re doing, or even the guys who aren’t that strong, because they feel men are the more dominant gender and should know what they’re doing. “Where and how women serve in the military should be based on ability and training, not gender.

Policies that prohibit the military from using the skills of all service members should be changed. ” (UpFront) Wars should all be based on ability and how well they train. The argument that people make against women is starting to get tiring and boring. Women do have the ability, but in order to go to war, they need training. So train them! With all that being said, some people would be against women in combat. But why you ask? Here are just a few things people might say to argue against women being able to cooperate in combat duties.

Opposing side: There’s always the risk of a woman getting pregnant. They’ve had woman getting pregnant right before deployment or finding out during their deployment and have to get shipped back immediately. Me: Yeah, if a woman was serious about her job, she would take better precautions before going out. If anyone does get pregnant, neither the man nor the woman is ready for the job then. Opposing side: They don’t have the strength. What if they were going out into battle and one of their men collapsed, and couldn’t get up on his own. Not only would they be able to pick hem up, there’s like 30 more pounds of equipment on them. Me: They don’t let women with no strength out into combat.

They get training, a lot of training, and only the strong, smart, fast women get sent out. Women should have the right and they deserve to serve in combat, almost any woman is capable, and everyone is equal, equal rights equal everything. There’s just no reason that a woman can’t serve in the Army. War is serious, it’s no time to mess around, so any woman who was serious about her job wouldn’t be stupid and get pregnant. Women are great creatures, we can do anything a man can do.