Ethan Allen’s Role In Thomson Essay

What man played a key role in Vermont becoming a state? Here’s a hint! It begins with an E and ends with a N. He was a revolutionary figure. The winter of 1738, Ethan Allen was born a native of Connecticut. Allen was said to be a tall, and a troublesome man. As Ethan and his family explored the New Hampshire Grants, it fostered his love of the land. He later settled there in 1762 with his own family, his wife, Mary Brownson, along with their five children and then again with his second wife and three more children.

A father of eight, Allen became a U. S soldier who protected his country in the American Revolution and the French and Indian War by leading the Green Mountain Boys. He preferred using his intelligence to violence but his temper sometimes made it difficult. He continues to be a big hero in, Vermont and New Hampshire. As Sukhraj Dhillon states, “Your beliefs don’t make you a better person. Your behavior does. ” One could say when Ethan drank too much he became fierce tempered and loved a good fight. Should be trusted with others lives?

Ethan had good intentions but were affected by his naughty behavior. Despite Ethan’s wild side, he was a good leader. He commanded large groups of people into battle with ease. He earned their trust and was able to be trusted. The New Hampshire Grants, now known as Vermont, was owned by New York but due to its harsh climate remained unsettled. The Governor of New Hampshire, Benning Wentworth, took note of this and started selling the land at a very low price to people. He drained its resources for a profit gain.

Both Governors kept selling the land until a catastrophe appened. The same land was sold twice. A man was farming when two New Yorkers came to him and claimed the land to be theirs. It turned out they both had purchased the land but in different states. The mishap turned into a huge fight with Ethan Allen leading the sixty men. The two men finally left to go to trial. Allen hired a lawyer to try to win the case in NY. He never gave up hope when it became apparent that he was going to lose. The New Yorkers wanted their people to follow the laws but Allen refused and continued with determination.

The Green Mountain boys fought with intelligence. However, it turned physical by whipping the men. Ethan Allen was arrogant but avoided violence during the battle. No one died during the battle thanks to Allen’s leading. He stood up for what he believed in and should be remembered for his grit. The battle ended when Ethan Allen got a request from the Revolutionary committee of Correspondence to take on the Battle of Fort Ticonderoga. Fort Ticonderoga was the name of a battle between Britain and the thirteen colonies during the American Revolution.

Britain needed to secure Fort Ticonderoga for support and for reinforcements from Canada. Fort Ticonderoga was an essential piece for many further battles to come for the colonies. During the battle of Fort Ticonderoga Ethan Allen lead and guided the Green Mountain Boys, a group of resisting men from the New Hampshire Grants. Their main goal was to capture Fort Ticonderoga but that plan was immediately changed when Benedict Arnold showed up. He arrived to show Ethan Allen that he had the papers to rightfully lead his troop. However, the Green Mountain Boys stood by Ethan Allen’s side.

Each boy laid down his gun to show they wouldn’t fight anymore under Arnold’s rule. Thankfully, Arnold agreed to let Allen lead the battle. In return Allen allowed Arnold ride in the front of the battle line but he was not to interfere with any of the Green Mountain Boys. Further into the battle, Ethan Allen made the British surrender not just themselves but their food and weapons. Ethan Allen was a trustworthy and strong leader as shown in the battle of Fort Ticonderoga. However, the way his men stood by his side when he was in need shows how important Ethan was to them.

In 1932, two men founded the Brautmriiter Corp, first named after the two owners Theador Bautmritter and Nathan Ancell. It was later named after Ethan Allen who led the Green Mountain Boys to make Vermont the fourteenth state. Ethan Allen Furniture store has a 300 chain that originated in Vermont and sells every American styled furniture. Once the furniture store had gone through a rough time during the Great Depression, the new name boosted the store to a new level. They were able to create many new lines of furniture based off of Ethan Allen’s style.

Today, the furniture store is selling millions of chairs, coaches, and many other accessories every day. By changing the name of the furniture store allowed for a new perspective for the people. The store prospered in the name of Ethan Allen. According to Ethan, “It is bad policy to fear the resentment of an enemy. ” In other words, he is saying that it is bad to fear. Instead, people should take over and show what they have to offer. Ethan Allen should be remembered today for his strong leadership, grit and his trust.