Ethical Decision Making: Case Study Essay

In this discussion, I utilized the 7 steps of the Ethical Model for Ethical Decision Making as outlined in McGonigle and Mastrian (2015) to analyze the case study.
Ethical Dilemma Examined with conflicting Values:
The case manager was given a message by the physician which was to simply contact the family and have they come in for an evaluation. The case manager did much more by giving more information in the parent’s email that was not secured and went on to inquire about other treatment i.e. counseling that the parents were attending. She further proceeded with attempting to suggest the cause of the of the glycemic control problem without even talking to the patient. The CM really over-stepped her boundaries because she made a suggestion…

Potential Benefit exceeds Harm:
2. The CM sends the e-mail telling them only to set up appointment as leaves out the sensitive information.
Good Consequences: The family will be informed of the need for an evaluation
Bad Consequences: The parents may not check e-mail every day or email may go to spam. There is no way to confirm receipt of the e-mail.
Do Any Rules Nullify: Privacy and security violations if e-mail server is not restricted.
Expected Outcome: The parents will receive the e-mail and contact the offi9ce for appointment.
Potential Benefit > Harm: The parents may get message immediately if they can access home email from work.
3. The CM calls the parents at work if they take phone calls there and leave a message for them to call the office.
Good Consequences: The parents will receive the information in a timely manner.
Bad Consequences: The parents may not receive the message because they do not take call at…

Potential Benefit > Harm: This option has the greatest likelihood of getting through to the family.
Choose the Alternative
Alternative 1 is my chosen alternative because the CM gets the job done right with no violation of privacy and no confidential information will be compromised. The consequence of not getting through to the family is a possibility but does not necessitate compromising personal information at the expense of getting through to the family which may still not be guaranteed. The CM made some assumptions about the parents’ schedule that may or may not have been factual.
Act on Chosen Alternative
The CM in this case violated a trust but hopefully in the future, the CM Learned a vital lesson; Because trust have been violated, it requires that the CM owns up to her mistake and apologize to the family and give the family time to heal. It may be appropriate to reassign this patient but, whatever the family chooses to do to continue the care of their son will be supported. Trust may never be regained but this will hopefully be a learning experience for this CM with future patient encounters.
Examination of…