General Characteristics Of Baby Boomers Essay

The generations follow each other but are not alike. The generation gap often leads to conflicts in the workplace: a baby boomer who denounces the attitude of a young Generation Y or, conversely, a young person who is offended by archaic methods used by the employer, are common behaviors that happen. Stability at work that previously attracted the respect now becomes, a brand of immobility to young people, and that reflects a lack of dynamism. Even though it is necessary to separate people to better define and understand them, we must keep in mind that the human being is much more complex.

The following profiles express general characteristics of different generations. Baby boomers (born between 1946 and 1963) Overall description of the group (demographics: education, income, location, marriage, children, etc. , percentage of the population) Information There are two different baby boomers: the older baby boomers from 1946 to 1956 and young baby boomers from 1956 to 1964. However, the baby boomers do not form a homogeneous whole because there is a sea of differences between them: financial, social status, family structure, health status, etc.

Old as young baby boomers have both their lives centered on work and social upgrading career-related. According to Data from the U. S. Census Bureau on April 2014, it shows that there are 76. 4 million baby boomers in the United States. They are accomplished in the work and have the respect of the hierarchy but are also concerned about family values. They are also more aware of electronic innovation than their elders, but prefer reading on paper than screen. Baby boomers were born after the 2nd World War and enjoyed unprecedented economic growth and full employment through reconstruction.

This generation is often the symbol of the sexual liberalization, popularized by movements such as the hippies in the United States with their slogans “Peace and Love” and “Make love, not war” which is one of the most provocative slogans. This cohort group has initiated numerous challenges facing the socioeconomic model of the time. They changed the system of environmental values, which preached selflessness and contribution to the common good, to a system centered on selfesteem and career.

Baby boomers are thus characterized by the search for professional success, an attraction for the collective expression and a positive vision for the future. Unlike younger Generation Y, they show great respect for the institutions and authority. Among them, there are many idealists. The family becomes important in this generation. According to William J. Schroer, they are often referred as “sandwich generation”, they take care of their aging parents, their children and their grandchildren. The baby Boomers came from families with a little more than three children on average.

The baby boomers are committed in marriage even though some divorced. As I had previously, we have two key targets: The generation aged between 50 and 55 who is considered “spoiled children” and whose freedom is their watchword. The generation between 55 and 65 years who attended all the major cultural events. Attitudes of this age group. Information Boomers see themselves as active and do not identify themselves to their elders they treat as passive. Their values, their education and lifestyle are different from those of older people; their mode of consumption, their ways of traveling and activities too.

For the baby boomers, the trips are an important part of their activities which were sometimes luxurious for their parents, they consider it as the first necessity. They are accustomed to a hectic pace of life. They are Sawy consumers who know that quality has a price and that is what they want to optimize. Although they grew up with mass tourism, they want to avoid the hordes of tourists outside the box, reshape the tourism experience in their image and travel individually. They require customized, and some of them are not brand loyal and are doing quite well with technology.

They like to defy their age by cultivating their rebellious side. They prefer to take the service road instead of the highway. The baby boomers were labeled as nonconformists due to their unconventional causes. They reveal a taste for adventure, experimentation, innovation, the discovery of unknown horizons, learning, fun and excitement. Their profile is more like Generation X rather than the one of seniors. Baby boomers are thus characterized by the search for professional success, an attraction for the collective expression and a positive vision for the future.

Unlike younger Generation Y, they show great respect for the institutions and authority. Among them, there are many idealists. Their consumer society has also become a model of society where social success is enhanced. Spending (what products, brands, etc. ) / saving patterns of this age group. Information Baby boomers are the dominant segment of the population, the most influential consumer group and the comfortable financially. This generation is the most concerned with the price. The brand matters much less.

The environment, however, is very important. Baby boomers save less and spend more, and do not think that much about the heirs. They first think of themselves rather than their children or grandchildren. Indeed, according to a study, a quarter of baby boomers prefer to enjoy their savings rather than continue to save for transmitting it as a heritage. The trend is global – 16,000 future pensioners were interviewed in 15 countries – with the exception of a few countries such as Indonesia and Mexico where more preferred to set aside.

Baby boomers are less generous, they think above all of themselves. The minority believes it is better to continue to save once retired, to leave a legacy to the descendants. However, most of them prefer to spend their money regardless of the generation after, saying that the generation after will need to build their own wealth and heritage, an accentuated trend among male baby boomers, and which remains a contradicted option among female baby boomers.

In general, both women and men baby boomers homeowners often project bequeath their home to their children as an inheritance but nothing else and more because they believe that once entering an active life and in the job market, children must work to build their own wealth. Baby-boomers believe that what they have gained will serve them for their retirement as a splurge, traveling for instance, do things they have not had time to do before.

They want to eat, to spend the time, traveling, going to the movies, in restaurants, in short, consume. Baby boomers want to continue to enjoy this leisure society that their generation has seen developed, so they need money. That’s why they spend more and they will have to save less in the coming years. Especially today, we live longer but not necessarily always healthy, then there should fund health care and retirement home. After all this, it is not sure they will much leave for the children.