How Does Knowledge Affect Critical Thinking Essay

Humans need to understand what we are looking at in order to see it. Our knowledge has influenced how we see the world through our perception and how we reflect it on others. Believing is necessary to see what I want to for what Panchatantra saying. We all have senses to see, but is this all true that it gives us knowledge. I think I need to believe first if | want to see something that I want. How can my knowledge affect the way I see things?

Knowledge affects the way I see things because as I have already backgrounded knowledge I already know and believe what’s going to happen so that way it affects the way I see things and perceive the world. Let’s talk about example, when I was hearing that “Baa Baa” I just perceive that he was saying baa baa because of his lip movement but when I heard the same thing without visual images I heard the same thing because I think my mind was so convinced by visual images and in the way of knowledge it was already fixed in my mind so that didn’t allow me to think another way around.

That also makes Panchatantra saying true as we need to believe things to in order to perceive it the way we want. So I have to agree with Panchatantra as my eyes see only what the mind is prepared to comprehend. The another example that makes me agree with Panchatantra is in Ms. Flanagan class for Biology we always get Review sheet before we watch any videos and go over PowerPoint slide for Notes.

In this instance the saying is True as we get background knowledge about what we are going to go over in class it makes us believe the video much more because we already have some knowledge about Video and it start to make much better sense when we already have some knowledge about stuff we are going to go over in class. Same thing with history. I always get mad at Mr. Galligan as he gives our big books of reading before actually taking notes in class and watching what some historians said.

Unlike Biology in History too it makes much more sense after taking notes at home and then watching videos and going over it. We already believed through Reading and when we watch the video we get convinced a lot of it. That is all I said and which helps me prove Panchatantra saying true as we need ideas and knowledge to perceive what we want we don’t always have to see things through our eyes at first. The last example that will help me prove my claim is when I moved from India to the United States.

Through social media and other relatives from the US, I heard so many good things about the United States, which I have not found at all about the US. But I can’t regret the things that social media like TV made me believe. I was told so many good things about US that I can’t regret those even though the US is not like the way I thought. The Knowledge that was fixed in my mind made me believe it which didn’t allow me to believe my own eye sight.

Knowledge is the True organ of sight which is true because as I already had knowledge and ideas about the US when I was in India that made me so much convinced. My mind was so much Convinced by Visual images that I saw on TV in India that serve as knowledge to me about the US how the life is there, but when I saw the culture is totally different than what I thought as I saw by my own sight. But that Background knowledge from India made me not trust my eyes. Although that is all that I said, but someone else might argue that we don’t need the knowledge to perceive what we want.

Someone might give an example of a growing baby. Someone might say while the baby is growing like 5 yrs. old they don’t have any kind of knowledge, but they learn things from watching their parents and other people. That could be a strong argument that someone might make to prove Panchatantra saying incorrectly. As he said in his saying knowledge is the true organ of sight, not the eyes. As I already said that someone might say baby don’t have any kind of knowledge, but they learn things from watching through the eyes to their parents and other people.

I must say in my conclusion that perception depicts whatever we want to see. So we can’t see all we want we need knowledge first to see what we want like Panchatantra says. There is certain limitation to what we can see. We all know we can see much more than what we think, but we are just ignoring it and Panchatantra says the same thing There is no physical world only mind in which we need some kind of knowledge before seeing it from our sight. So overall in short I can say believing is seeing for this instance.