Plagiarism: Effect Of Creativity And Critical Thinking Essay

Plagiarism. You probably have heard that term a lot throughout your academic career and through your common knowledge. Plagiarism is the act of using another person’s words or ideas without giving credit to that person. There is a lot of effects if you are plagiarism.

Plagiarism will hurt your creativity. Creativity is important. Creativity is the use of imagination or original ideas, especially in the production of an artistic work. You learn and develop creativity skills throughout your entire academic career. Creativity and critical thinking are important, as you will bring it with for your professional career after you graduate. It is really easy for you to borrow or buy another person’s paper from a person from previous semester that had that class before; reword it a little, and turn it in as your own work. This will hurt you in the long run.

In the same way, plagiarism will hurt the relationship between you with your professor. College is a place where you can learn and develop your relationship with your friends and your professors. When you are commit plagiarism, you will make your professor start to lose trust in you. This will hurt you personally and academically. You won’t have a good relationship with the professors. Professors are people that always want their students to succeed in class and be able to complete their goals, whether they’re short term or long term goals. They deserve your respect and trust.

Another consequence for plagiarism will be no credit is given. This will end up a grade of F and there will be a disciplinary action. Your professor will have all the documents and these documents will send to Provost. Provost is a senior administrator at a certain colleges and universities and he oversees your academic. You might be expelled at that institution and it will appears on your academic record. Once it appears on your academic record, and you want to transfer to another institution it will hurt your admission process.

When you procrastinate, it is easy to fall into plagiarism. Procrastination is when you are doing something until at the last minute. You might be procrastinate when you have too many classes and you don’t have enough time to handle it all. Therefore, you probably will tempted to plagiarism. You need to plan ahead for your homework for each class. For example, English class might involve in writing a lot of essay. You need to make sure that you have enough time to brainstorm for your topic then you need to spend sometimes to write your essay and to revise your essay with a tutor to make sure that your essay is make sense.

When you are plagiarize, you will think that the lesson that your professor teach is not important and you don’t really care for that. Also, you don’t need to think about passing a class, as long as you are turn in your work you will receive credit for your work. When you find a job, it will hurt you. Employers don’t want to see their employees plagiarize. They might not even hire you for a job even though if you meet all the other qualifications. Also, employers don’t wan to have irresponsible employees. It will be even worse if you are in management positions. You don’t have the ability to think so therefore how can you manage your employees?

People gain knowledge through the thing that they learn either from work or school. Knowledge is important. When you are plagiarize, you don’t gain any knowledge. You gain knowledge by copy and paste the sources from the Internet and it isn’t call knowledge. Knowledge need to be practice and applied into the new world experiences. For example, a student can write a poorly essay paper in History class but that student will receive a lot of feedback from their instructor and take that feedback seriously to do better for the next paper.

Another example will be when you are at work, your boss will give an important task and need to be done. You are new employee and you don’t have any formal training for that task and you do it poorly, the employer will appreciate that you done your job and will give you some feedback on how to that task better and want to make sure that you are improve. People that are plagiarism and don’t have any knowledge is like a tree without its root. In fact, no body like to have a cheater.

Speaking of plagiarism, I will give an example of a real life plagiarism. My friend used to be a good student and he is an outstanding student with a 4.0 GPA. In one of his class which is History class, the professor asked him to write an essay about the Vietnam War which he has no idea about that war since that war was in 1955 and it was older than him. I believed what he did is to go to a website called Wikipedia and he wrote word to word from that source and reword a little and submitted it to his professor. Later on, the professor found out that his paper is plagiarized by a helpful program called Turnitin. The student was immediately received a warning from provost and he was suspended from the college.

Plagiarism is really scary. People don’t like you, you don’t get a job, or even worse it will follow you on your academic record. Please do not plagiarize. In some culture, plagiarize is not acceptable. We want to create a strong and healthy education system where we can learn from each other, make a mistake and learn from those mistake, and be a better person with fully responsible and be success without plagiarism.