Jellyfish-Personal Narrative Essay

It all started out at the reefs of the cold winter season in the Pacific Ocean. Against all odds there was Iro the jellyfish leader realized upon his jellyfish species that they were running out of food on their land. Benko and Seno the twins, the leaders of the sea turtles ruled the next land after them and made an agreement between Iro since long time ago during the massacre of the jellyfish and turtles for land. It was to never cross each others place or another war would break out between each other .

Slowly dying jellyfish after jellyfish, Iro knew he had to do something and that was to cross the boundary that separates the jellyfish and the turtles and find a spot for sheltering with food for the jellyfish. “Look now for we are dying of hunger, we can’t live on like this, we have to move on with our lives, abandon this place, and look far into the future for the best of our next generation of jellyfish!” Iro courageously speaking.

The citizen replied with her trembling voice, “The only way we could have the best future for our next generation is to leave this place and cross the terrifying turtle land, which will be a massacre!” “It is our prime choice and only choice we have.’ Iro generously speaking. When crossing, Seno couldn’t believe with his own eyes it was happening. After 50 years of peace jellyfish fish were crossing. He didn’t know what to do, but tell his brother that they were passing through with no eager to stop and turn back. Benko assaulted an attack against the jellyfish. “Brother, Brother they are coming towards us what shall we do?” utterly Benko asked

“Seaturtles we had a promise between those jellyfish that they’d never come across again, they have now broken that promise and war must break lose! Now, attack!” Benko screaming. It was a 40 mile cross which was tiring, but the jellyfish fought till their last breath to cross the seaturtle land. screaming in pain as they get there tentacles ripped off there bodies. A petrifying roar came along from the ground seeming like they woken up a beast from the ground and suddenly became quiet.

You could smell the sulfur emerging from the ocean and the sound seemed to have vanish moments later. Little did they know they werent all dying as fast as they thought. Then this ferociously, vicious, almost 50 feet long,with his razor sharp teeth, shark came swooping through eating the turtles and the jellyfish that was in his way. Poski furiously awakened from the screaming indicating“Who shall interrupt me from my sleep?” Iro and the Seaturtle twins reply afraidly, “ We thought you were just a legend that never existed just stories we heard from many decades ago.”

Poski irritated with their voices ragingly yelled , “You shall pay for what you’ve done to waken me from my sleep!” He began tearing up jellyfish after sea turtle over and over again till there was little left. The leaders never imagined, they were living in Poski’s land for decades of years. The tremendously terrifying shark which they thought was a myth, but now a real monster. As soon as they realized that there species were dying, they both came to an agreement to flee his land. Poski coming in lighting fast catching Banjos fin tearing it off him leaving blood running out of him remembering the rich fine blood of seaturtle. Screaming in pain, “Run get out of here ill hold him off as much as I can.”

Then Iro coming in stinging the shark stunning him for a couple of seconds. You could see Poski even more furious than ever. Iro yelling, “ Go! Leave me take everyone with you I can keep dazing him till you guys get away I don’t have much strength left just go!” The twins didn’t say anything but saw that with in their own eyes, saw a courageous leader and told everyone jellyfish and sea turtles to follow them. “We must evacuate the land while Iro can hold him off as long as he can, everyone follow us!” Several minutes later they all turned back and looked at the massacre of Poski and realized everyone who died didn’t deserve it. A new leader of the jellyfish name Dazzle rose up and told the twins to make an agreement that they’d end their feud.

“Seaturtles and my species, we can’t have this feud no more! This just causes more and more stress and grows envy upon each other. We can just share the wealth and food among ourselves and never create a disaster again!” The crowd cheering and sobbing knowing there will be no more feud among turtles and jellyfish, “Hail the twins and Dazzle!” Finding a new land took awhile for it was inhabited by many other clans of different species. Several days later then they found a place to settle and live there called Tranquility meaning freedom and peace between them.