Jurassic Park Analysis Essay

Jurasssic Park is a #1 New York best-selling, science fiction novel written by Michael Crichton. Hammond creates Jurassic Park with a small amount of staffs to increase efficiency and money flow. Hammond, instead of a large group of staff, has a computer system that operates all the park’s functions. A large function in the computer system is deciphering and filling in DNA, with some supervision of Doctor Wu, the head scientist. For instance, after Doctor Wu takes out blood from a preserved insect that may have a dinosaur’s blood and extracts the dinosaur’s DNA.

The computer system would later fill in the gaps in the DNA, since cannot survive completely. It sounds possible and accurate, at first glance. But, for example, when the gaps in the dinosaur DNA was filled in with frog DNA, it is inaccurate. To begin with, the blood removed from the insect is impossible since, over time, it would decay. Also, the dinosaur’s DNA in the insect might cross with the insect’s DNA; this will most definitely not result into an ideal, revived dinosaur like described in the novel.

But if it were possible to take out enough dinosaurs’ blood from an insect, I would improve the filler for the dinosaur’s missing sequences. Instead of frog’s DNA, I would use bird DNA because it shares a stronger genetic association when compared with dinosaurs. As well as, filling the dinosaurs’ DNA with frog’s DNA it would be impossible for it to make it pass fertilization, and if the dinosaur’s DNA can be completed with frog’s DNA somehow, it would have many complications; unlike with bird DNA.

But for a scientist with ambition, anything is possible in Jurassic Park; it’s only a skill of genetic engineering, a scientific theme considered in Jurassic Park. A scientific method that helps out genetic engineering is cloning. Cloning creates more dinosaurs, which is the solid purpose of Jurassic Park, to recreate a place that demonstrate how Earth was with the different and multiple types of dinosaurs. The creation of Jurassic Park was also to entertain us and forget about the world outside the park. This can be better known as biotechnology.

Biotechnology is usage of biological organisms, processes, to make products, in this case dinosaurs, to attempt to improve the quality of human life, like entertainment in the theme park. Another method explored in Jurassic Park is the chaos theory. The chaos theory is an ideology use to discover hidden balance within the complicated collection of a system’s behavior. It is used to portray events, equations, behaviors, that generally are impractical. The chaos theory explains how chaos is predictable and not random.

As well as, straightforward, uncomplicated systems creates complex behaviors, such as the “butterfly effect “mentioned in the novel, and systems that are typically complicated carry a fundamental order. The chaos theory can apply to ecosystems. For example, preys and predators, they must undergo their nature: predator eats the prey; if, in this case, bear’s population rises, so will the fishes’ population and vice versa when the predators and prey rate drops. Also, something as straightforward as the weather, if it’s too hot, a drought or even a fire can hurt the ecosystem.

They are quite a few differences between the novel and the movie. To start off, in the novel, the theme park is destroyed by Costa Rica’s Air Force, while in the movie, the island was left alone. As well as, in the novel, Hammond faces his death by compys, but he doesn’t die in the movie. To be able to improve the film scientifically, I’d first add the graphs from the book to demonstrate data; more data, more scientifically correct. I would add the part where Malcom examines an increase of the dinosaurs, instead of Grant finding hatched eggs.

I’d add this because the increasing rate will make Doctor Wu aware of the dinosaurs breeding by themselves, giving a chance for him to explain how the amphibian’s DNA is causing the sudden, unaware breeding, in depth. I would also include scenes that explain the process of genetic engineering, by scientist themselves demonstrating each step, starting from the extraction of the mosquito’s blood to complete dinosaur’s DNA and maybe even to the birth of the altered dinosaur. Everything considered, Jurassic Park is still a best-selling novel and its inaccuracy is what makes it enjoyable.