Life Is Not Fair Analysis Essay

Not everyone believes that life is not fair, but everyone eventually will reach a point in your life that this will come into play. For example, “At the front door, we saw fire spewing from Miss Maudie’s dining room windows (Lee 69)”. Miss Maudie did not plan this. She lost everything in her house. Maudie did not think anything like this would happen ever, which is not fair in her part. Therefore, when people say life is not always fair there are right for sure. People who could be the kindest and nicest person on earth or the rudest person on earth do not deserve this either way.

I wonder how many people really think that life is not fair. Maybe some people have experienced it more than others have. Some people think that if you got toys and stuff to play with you should be seen and not heard. Therefore “The thing is, what I’m trying to say is – they do get along a lot better without me, I cannot help them any. They ain’t mean. They give me everything I want, but it is now -you’ve-got-it-go-go-playwith-it. You’ve got a room full of things I-got-you-that-book-sogo-read-it (Lee 143)”.

Dill said. Dill feels the need to run away because of his parent’s actions, and what they say. This is not fair to him by any means. If they wanted him to be seen and not heard they should not of had a kid than. However, maybe Dills parents do not realize what he is going through or what he feels. They would only know if Dills tells them, what is happening it is not fair both of them. Dill should tell his parents what is wrong and what is going on so they can realize what they have done. In the same sense, they should see what they have been doing to him to make him run away.

It is not fair for either of them. Being blamed for someone else’s actions is not just not fair for the one who is being blamed. It is also, for his or her family and friends. The ones that love him the most are suffering from this. Tom Robinson was convicted of raping Mayella Ewell when in reality everyone knows it was Mr. Ewell (her father). Tom went to prison. “They fired a few shots in the air, then to kill. They got him just as he went over the fence. They said if he’d had two good arms he’d have made it, he was mobbing that fast.

Seventeen bullet holes in him (Lee 235)”. Tom was a clean and very kind, non-harming man he did not hurt or rape anyone. For example, Tom’s case is just like many other people’s cases these days. People are convicted all the time for stuff that they did not do. It is not fair for them or their families. It ruins there reputation for everything. It makes there life miserable and the person who really did it is still out there doing whatever they did to more people. It is not fair for anyone. People these days cannot keep a long relationship or even married parents with kids.

They end up fighting over something stupid that is not worth fighting for and not worth losing your partner in crime. Kids with divorced parents are devastated because their parents are not together anymore. This is not fair for the kids at all they did not choose that life in any sort of way. The kids might say that they are okay with it but on the inside, they are not. Some parents fight all the time. The kids do not choose that either, they deserve better than what they got. Many parents do not see what they are doing to their kid’s one they get divorced.

It hurts them a lot more then what they think. It is not fair for them to see their parents get divorced. 36% report that they are being bullied. 64% do not say anything and keep it a secret. This is not fair for them at all the do not deserve this by any means. They do not choose to be bullied they do not come up to a bully and say bully me do they? No, I did not think so. Normally the bullies has a reason but that does not give them the right to bully others. They have to talk to someone about it or it will not get better.

Everyone has bullied someone at some point in his or her life. Maybe they have not realized what they do to hurt others. Maybe there is something going on in their life and they take it out on you. Just stand up for yourself. Anyway, this is not fair for anyone. People, need to understand that there words can hurt others. Nothing in life will always be fair you just have to take life step by step and you will eventually be happy again. Not everyone will be pleased through life but do not stay mad all the time go out and have fun is the best way to make life better.