Personal Narrative: The Struggle Of Social Life Essay

Samantha was my savior and protector till the struggle of social life took over our compact minds. I remember when Samantha and I first met in Kindergarten; I had just back to Fort Hood from Germany and hardly spoke English. I was the middle of the school year, kids had just come back from winter break and everybody knew each other by then but me. My new teacher had seated me next to Samantha and Sam welcomed me warmly. Sam would help me with assignments and talking to other kids and stood up for me against cruel kids when no one else would from kindergarten to third grade. I saw her as not only my best friend, but also my hero. However, Sam became more distant throughout the years and started talking to me less, but I didn’t think anything…

She wore a bandana that pulled her dark brown hair back, this made it easier to see the disgust on her face. “Why are you here, loser? Who said you could talk to us? What are you even wearing, Wal-Mart?” The whole group erupted in a series of laughter.
The girl in blue stepped up and popped a gum in my direction before looking me up and down “No, those are hammy downs. Wow, your family must be really poor to not even being available to afford Walmart.”
Then the girl in purple stepped up, she glared at my face intensely as she waved a hand in front of her own face “Can’t you see you don’t fit in with us Four Eyes? Look at us, then yourself; you are ugly and a nobody loser, while we are popular, cool, and pretty.” She flipped her red hair over the shoulder as she scoffed.
Again, they all laughed and I could feel the tears welling up in my eyes from their cold words. I looked at Samantha, the person I had trusted for so long and thought to be the best friend anyone could ever have, for help and comfort. Yet here she is, laughing at all the horrible things these girls said to me. The girl who was there for her when everything in her life fell apart, when her parents got divorced and her pet cat, Boo, passed away.
This was the worst feeling I ever felt in my life, I had nobody and I lost my best…