Los Altos City

The Los Altos City is located at the South end of the San Francisco Peninsula, in the San Francisco South Bay Area; its exact situation is in Santa Clara County, California.


Los Altos is an affluent commuter community; its residents live in the city, although they commute to their places of work. The community is upscale, and the residential area encompassed with beautiful greenery and large mature trees. The city follows a green space layout; it designates its commercial activities to a particular place, which is the downtown area. The community seeks to follow a sustainable path and eliminate harmful environmental influences.

The city uses a Climate Action Plan as a commitment to water conservation. Moreover, they have implemented bans on the use of polystyrene so retailers don’t pack their customers’ buys into single-use carryout bags. Los Altos maintains a healthy environment for all its residents.

Los Altos has evolved from being a stopover for the Southern Pacific Railroad to a tree-lined beauty enclave providing quiet housing for its residents. Highways have replaced the old railroads: Highway 85 and Interstate 280 for easy passage to other metro centers.

Historical Background

In 1906, Paul Shoup was working as an executive for a Southern Pacific Railroad, together with some friends they formed the Altos Land Company. The group bought 140 acres of land between Mountain View and Palo Alto: they sought to build a town. The sole purpose of this town was to serve the new Southern Pacific Railroad, to cut off the area between Los Gatos and Mayfield. Incidentally, the spot they chose was the highest land in the cut off area, thus the name Los Altos, a Spanish word meaning “the heights.”

In 1907, at a barbecue, Altos Land Co. Invited prospective buyers to the sale of a plot, the site at the present day intersection of Main Street and Foothill Expressway. The town’s name grew informally to in cooperated today’s Los Altos Hills and parts of other neighboring towns. One reason for this was the founding of Los Altos School District (1910) which served all these areas. As an aftermath of World War II, the larger community grew and expanded (1950-1980) resulting in today’s Los Altos (1952).

Landmarks and Attraction

Farmer Market

A perfect reminiscence of the apricot orchards and plum farmers that define the first Los Altos is the Farmers Market. The community has a weekly market day where residents interact as they shop for flowers and local produce.

Los Altos Museum

The museum tells the history of the agricultural community with abundant apricot orchards and gives historical information about the railroads of Los Altos. Visitor and resident get to learn the social-demographic changes that resulted in the birth and growth of Los Altos and its environs.

A fantastic place where exhibits keep changing, the displays are not constant, and its stunning architectural space – it has a large garden— makes the museum unique. Apart from the pleasant outdoor area, this is perfect for classes and functions like weddings.

A visit to the museum is a great way to spend a weekend.

Downtown Area

The heartthrob of a small village, green and refreshing in summer, it has 150 shops to meet its residents’ needs. In this homely atmosphere, there is a veterinary hospital, two grocery stores, and a hardware store.

Downtown had unique cafes where you can meet friends for a chat, or restaurants for elegant dining, boutiques and salon – all in the downtown area.

Places to stay

Los Altos house hotels designed with comfort, luxury, and modern state-of-the art facilities. Popular places to visit include Enchanté Boutique Hotel on One Main Street, Residence Inn Palo Alto, Los Altos 4460 El Camino Real, and Courtyard Palo Alto Los Altos 4320 El Camino Real.

Things to Do

The community caters to all its residents, toddlers to the seniors, for recreation and community activities. For instance, for preschoolers and elementary school goers, the Heritage Oak Park offers activities to empower their creativity. The hive of activity includes picnic tables, significant areas of free grassland and picnic tables.

Marymeade Park

Found at 1285 Fremont Avenue holds three tennis courts, a playground, and areas where residents enjoy barbecues and picnics. Barbecues have some sentimental value; after all, the first owners of land in Los Altos bought the land (1907) over a promotional barbecue.

Redwood Grove Nature Preserve

Located at 482 University Avenue, is ideal for nature lovers. Its natural setting treats visitors to a pastoral setting, and they can explore Adobe Creek and observe wildlife.

Senior Program

The community cares for its own; this program was started in 1976 for residents aged 50 and above. They provide classes, trips, home repair, notary service, and special events for this age group.

Shopping Facilities

There is a broad range of shopping districts these include, Rancho Shopping Center, Village Court, Loyola Corners, to mention but a few.

Los Altos also has its main library at 13 S. San Antonio Road. There are other libraries such as Santa Clara District Library.


Education is an integral part of community life dating way back to the city’s foundation. The Los Altos School District was established in 1910, and the trend continues for preschoolers right down to facilities adult education.

The community is the home of numerous public elementary schools such as the Almond Elementary School, Covington Elementary, Loyola Elementary, and the reopened Gardener Bullis Elementary.

The high schools in Los Altos are held in high regard. For example, Los Altos High School, which uses an education system that not only empowers the students but also involves parents/guardians. The school uses an Aeries Parent Portal for communication on grades, school calendar, and student attendance.

Los Altos High School made it to the list of top ranking school, 2016, in California.

Other high schools include Mountain View High, Saint Francis High School, and Old Orchard. As a whole, Los Altos is famous for an excellent schooling system.

Los Altos and Surrounding Neighborhoods

Los Altos Hills

Los Altos Hills is known to be one of the wealthiest towns in San Francisco Bay Area; its residential community is upscale with 39 neighborhoods. It has a community plaza for small events such as rallies, and concerts. The Plaza is conveniently situated along the corner of the States and Main Streets.

Social amenities are plush and convenient; they include gyms as well as Blach and Egan, which offer rental facilities. The gyms are used for Volleyball, Indoor Soccer, and Badminton; they cater for both adults and youth.

Los Altos Hills has other recreation facilities for families and groups such as parks, campsite, and the great barbecue pits and picnic areas.


Rancho Shopping Center and Rancho came up the same time (1956); its residents are both young families and those who hold a history of the place. The Rancho neighborhood lies between Covington Road and Foothill Expressway quaint, convenient and calmly.

The residents enjoy clubhouses, trails, and numerous recreational activities for both young and old. One major characteristic of Rancho is, its residents embrace sustainable gardening practices.

Why Los Altos?

Los Altos embraces a quiet life and has the amenities that make living enjoyable for its residents with a serene life. Green initiatives mean a lot in this community and the standard of living is affordable.

The city doesn’t cut out buyers; anyone can rent or buy a house in Los Altos. The transportation system works well, primarily based on the truth that Los Altos started as a town to provide convenience. This is the place to be for long-term investment as you get to experience the beauty, comfort, and practicality.