Los Altos City

The Los Altos City is located at the South end of the San Francisco Peninsula, in the San Francisco South Bay Area; its exact situation is in Santa Clara County, California. Overview Los Altos is an affluent commuter community; its residents live in the city, although they commute to their places of work. The community … Read more

Caltrain Social Behavior

For this project, I have chosen to observe and understand the social behaviors of people who ride on Caltrain. Caltrain is a commuter rail service that provides transportation from San Francisco to Gilroy. With a total of 32 stations, some available at specific times for specific trains, people living in the Peninsula have the ability … Read more

La Riots Research Paper

The la riots were one of the biggest events to happen in history which took place in Los Angeles California. People were angry about the Rodney king trial. Rodney king, born on April 2 1965 born in Sacramento California was in a high-speed chase on march 3, 1991. When he finally stopped, and was pulled … Read more

California’s Proposition 184: Three Strikes and You’re Out

Last year in California voters approved a controversial ballot initiative. Proposition 184, also known as the three strikes and you’re out law, was passed on November 9, 1994. Under this new legislation repeat offenders, upon committing their third felony offense, will be sentenced to a mandatory twenty-five years to life in prison(California 667). The initiative … Read more