Madame Bovary Analysis Essay

Madame Bovary, by Gustave Flaubert, is a novel that tells the story of Emma Bovary, a woman who is unsatisfied with her life and seeks excitement and passion in other places. Madame Bovary was first published in 1857 and was met with mixed reviews. However, the novel is now considered a classic and has been translated into many languages.

In Madame Bovary, Flaubert portrays Emma as a woman who is deeply dissatisfied with her life. She married Charles Bovary only because she thought it was the right thing to do, and she soon realizes that she made a mistake. Emma is bored with her life and longs for more excitement and passion. She often looks to novels for escape and finds herself disappointed with reality. Madame Bovary is a story of passion, tragedy, and disillusionment.

Flaubert’s Madame Bovary is a novel that continues to be relevant today. It is a timeless story of a woman who is unhappy with her life and looks for love and excitement in all the wrong places. Madame Bovary is a classic novel that should be read by everyone.

The tale begins as we see Charles Bovary entering a new school in Rouen, France. People laugh at him because he is unsure of what to do and how to act. Charles’ father is a strict parent who dotes on his wife. He isn’t sure what to do with his life, so he follows his mother’s advice and goes to medical school.

The doctor spends the rest of his life working in a clinic and studying hard so he can pass his exams. The doctor’s father is a drunkard who causes trouble at home but gets beaten up when on the job by their mother, who believes she should be able to do anything better than him.

Charles moves in with her and they live a very boring life together. She has two kids, Berthe and Henry, which Charles starts to think of as his own. One day, while he is out riding, he comes across a beautiful young woman named Emma Rouault. He instantly falls in love with her and starts going to their house more often to see her. Emma is bored with her life too and she falls in love with Charles. They get married soon after and move to Yonville, where Charles sets up his practice.

Emma has high hopes for her marriage, but she is disappointed when she realizes that Charles is still the same boring person as before. In Yonville, she meets a man named Leon Dupuis, who is a lawyer. She starts having an affair with him and eventually leaves Charles for him.

Charles is heartbroken, but he still tries to be a good father to Berthe and Henry. Emma eventually dies while giving birth to her son. Charles remarries a woman named Widow Homais soon after Emma’s death and they live together in Yonville until his death.

Madame Bovary is one of the most famous novels written by Gustave Flaubert. The story follows the life of Emma Rouault, who marries Charles Bovary against her wishes and is then stuck in a loveless marriage. Emma is unsatisfied with her life and starts having an affair with Leon Dupuis. She eventually leaves Charles for him, but her new life is not what she hoped for either. Emma eventually dies while giving birth to her son. The novel Madame Bovary has been praised for its realism and its accurate portrayal of the human condition.

Charles is sent to a farm one day after someone breaks his leg there. Emma Rouault, the daughter of the farm’s owner, meets him on the farm. He finds her very attractive and keeps returning to her father to inquire about his leg, even after it has healed completely.

They hit it off and they decide to marry, even though his former wife tries to prevent them. They have a huge wedding, with hundreds of people invited. For days on end, they party hard, and there is enough food for an army. They return to Tostes since his job isn’t where the farmer resides.

Emma is not happy with her life in Tostes, she’s bored. There’s nothing to do and no one to talk to. One day a new gentleman moves in the village, he’s called Rodolphe Boulanger. He owns a farm just outside of town and he’s very rich. Emma starts flirting with him and they start an affair. This affair makes Emma really happy, she’s finally doing something exciting with her life. But then Rodolphe gets tired of her and ends the affair, leaving Emma heartbroken.

A few months later Charles is asked to go to Yonville because the doctor there has died. They move there and Emma meets a young man called Leon Dupuis. She starts flirting with him and they also have an affair. But then Leon also gets tired of her and ends the affair. Emma is now really depressed, she’s had two affairs and both men have left her.

Emma becomes friends with a man called Lheureux, who’s a shopkeeper in Yonville. He gives her credit so she can buy things on credit, and she buys lots of things she doesn’t need. She spends so much money that Charles can’t pay back all the debts, so he has to sell his practice. Emma is now even more depressed than before, she feels like she’s lost everything.

Lheureux comes up with a plan to make some money off Emma. He tells her that he knows someone who’s interested in buying the farm, so she sells the farm and gives all the money to Lheureux. But it turns out that there was never any buyer, Lheureux just wanted the money for himself. Emma is now completely penniless and she has no way out.

In desperation, Emma takes arsenic and kills herself. When Charles finds her dead body he’s devastated. He goes to Lheureux and asks him for the money so he can bury Emma properly, but Lheureux refuses and Charles is forced to borrow the money from him.

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