Madame Bovary Analysis Essay

In Madame Bovary, a novel by Gustave Flaubert, Madame Bovary is a doctor’s wife who has adulterous affairs with other men. Madame Bovary works as a teacher in the villa her husband bought for her. In Madame Bovary , Madame Bovary can’t seem to be happy about anything. Madame Bovary’s life is boring and Madame Bovary does not have any interests.

Madame Bovary works as a teacher in the village school, where she has an affair with another man, Léon. Madame Bovary then embarks upon two more adulterous affairs until Madame Bovary realizes that Madame Bovary is pregnant. Madame Bovary buys arsenic to commit suicide but Madame Bovary changes her mind at the last minute.

The protagonist of Madame Bovary is Emma Rouault who marries Charles Bovary, a doctor in Yonville-l’Abbaye who has poor business skills and would rather attend to his patients than do his job properly and care for himself or Emma’s happiness (MadameBovary, 2013). Madame Bovary follows Emma’s life where her fantasy world meets harsh reality (MadameBovary, 2013). Madame Bovary begins with Charles riding out to see an old patient when he comes across Leon Dupuis who is in love with Emma.

Charles brings Leon to Yonville where Madame Bovary falls deeply in love with the young aesthete, much to the despair of her husband (MadameBovary, 2013). Madame Bovary does not have an easy life as she deals with her dissatisfying marriage, caring for two children and trying to escape from poverty while also being attracted to others whom she loves but never quite has. Madame Bovary’s desire for luxury and passion cause her great pain (especially since she cannot find it), leading Madame Bovary into adultery which adds even more guilt onto Madame Bovary (MadameBovary, 2013).

Meanwhile, Madame Bovary’s daughter, Berthe, grows older and Madame Bovary pays less attention to her. One day Madame Bovary catches Berthe eating Madame Bovary’s chocolates that Madame Bovary had hidden in her room (MadameBovary, 2013). Madame Bovary yells at Berthe which causes Madame Bovary to feel even guiltier for neglecting her daughter, Madame Bovary sends out letters of apology but does not show up for Berthe’s birthday. Madame Bovary was unable to face her daughter because she thought that this would make Madame Bovary seem like an unfit mother (MadameBovar y, 2013).

Madame Rouault attempts to ask Emma why she is leaving their home so quickly after Madame Rouault had just prepared a nice dinner for Madame Bovary but Madame Bovary says that Madame Rouault’s house is too noisy, Madame Bovary mentions that Madame Roualt would be better off selling her house and moving closer to Yonville (MadameBovary, 2013). One day Madame Homais falls ill and Charles asks Emma to help him nurse Madame Homais back to health. However, Emma’s presence irritates Madame Homais making her illness worse (due to her distaste of Emma) which causes problems between Charles and Emma (MadameBovary, 2013).

Despite this problem, however, Madame Bovary still brings Lon Dupuis into their household. Madame Bovary continues to grow distant with Charles, Madame Bovary tells Charles that she is nervous because the notary that Madame Bovary had asked to help Madame Bovary change her will has yet to arrive (MadameBovary, 2013). Madame Rouault visits Madame Bovary and Madame Rouault discovers Leon Dupuis who has arrived at Yonville for an operation on his club foot. Madame Rouault brings Leon over to Emma’s house where Emma is delighted by his presence (MadameBovary, 2013).

One day Madame Homais leaves Yonville on some errands but before she left, she gave Emma a gift; Madame Homais’ old bonnet (MadameBovary, 2013). Madame Bovary puts Madame Homais’ old bonnet on and goes to see Leon. Emma starts to cry as Madame Bovary and Leon enter the latter’s home (MadameBovary, 2013). Madame Bovar y and Leon start kissing but they hear someone coming so Madame Bovary leaves quickly, forgetting her shawl behind which is found by Charles who shows it to Madame Homais (who has now returned from her errands) as proof of Madame Bovary’s adultery (MadameBovary, 2013).

Madame Homais confronts Madame Bovary about this accusation but Madame Rouault vouches for Madame Bovary saying that Madame Bovary would never commit adultery (MadameBovary, 2013). Madame Rouault then tells Madame Homais that she saw Madame Bovary at Leon’s house yesterday but Madame Rouault does not realize this was the same day Madame Bovary visited his home to see Leon. Madame Homais goes to confront Emma once more about her visit to Leon’s home where Madame Homais finds out about Emma and Leon’s affair which causes Madame Homais to faint (MadameBovary, 2013).

The next day, Charles requests for a divorce from Emma since he can’t stand Emma wanting someone else as opposed to him. However, Madame Bovary rejects Charles’ request because Madame Rouault thinks Madame Bovary should forgive Charles for his mistake (MadameBovar y, 2013). Meanwhile, Madame Homais finds out that Madame Bovary has been visiting Leon’s house so Madame Homais decides to confront her once more. Madame Homais also finds out Emma is no longer allowed at the pharmacy since customers are complaining about Madame Bovary’s behavior which causes Madame Homais to faint as well (MadameBovary, 2013).

One day, Madame Nourse who is the wife of a rich older man comes looking for Leon Dupuis at Yonville but she finds Madame Bovary instead and asks Madame Bovary to act as Madame Nourse’s go-between with Leon (who Madame Nourse also loves) so Madame Bovar y agrees. Madame Bovary confronts Leon about Madame Nourse and he says that Madame Nourse promised him love but Madame Nourse only promises what she cannot give which is money (much like Emma does to Charles).

This infuriates Madame Bovary because she realizes she has been using Leon just like how Madame Rouault’s husband, Monsieur Rouault used Madame Homais’ services when he needed something done in exchange for some farming tools (MadameBovary, 2013). One night, while Madame Bovary is on her way back from a dinner with Madame Bovary and Madame Homais, Madame Bovary meets Rodolphe Boulanger who Madame Bovary used to know while Madame Bovar y was a girl.

Madame Bovary tells Rodolphe about her current situation and she talks about how she cannot stand Yonville because of the people’s ignorance (MadameBovary, 2013). Rodolphe suggests that Madame Bovary marry him but he does not love Madame Bovary at all so this is merely a scheme for Rodolphe to use Madame Bovar y just like how Leon Dupuis uses everyone else. He also tells Madame Bov ar y that his father rich before he died which would explain Rodolphe’s wealth.

Madame Bovar y agrees to marry Rodolphe but Madame Bovary did not actually love Rodolphe so Madame Bovary did it out of spite against Leon Dupuis. Madame Homais finds out about Madame Bovary’s plans with Rodolphe and Madame Homais decides to tell Charles about Madame Bovar y’s new relationship (MadameBovary, 2013). One day Madame Homais tells Emma that she is invited to a dinner party held by the Marquise d’Andervilliers where Leon Dupuis will also be attending which causes Emma to want to go since she wants to see him again after their last encounter.

Madame Bovary is upset that Madame Homais would invite Emma to such an important dinner party and Madame Bovar y decides to go as well (MadameBovary, 2013). Madame Rouault also decides to come along since she wants to see Leon again as well. Madame Bovary and Madame Rouault both realize they are both going for the same reason so they decide they must not let each other win so they engage in a silent competition during the dinner party (MadameBovary, 2013).

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