Modern Day Research Paper

Even in the midst of this secular world, there are people in it, or who have been recently in it, who greatly imitate Mary. A modern day Mary is a person of today, or has at least lived close to this era of time, who shows a significant amount of virtue, humility, modesty, and most importantly, has a correct and delicate conscience. However, a modern day Eve, is the exact opposite. This person may tend to lack modesty, virtue, and have a lax and desensitized conscience. A modern day Mary habitually judges correctly, whereas, a modern day Eve may be inclined to be lax and not care if whatever they are doing is right or wrong.

A good example of a modern day Eve who still lives in this world today is the well-known celebrity, Lady Gaga. This singer greatly lacks the virtues of modesty, purity, and chastity. It is pretty clear that her conscience is mostly distorted. Now, I just want to be clear on this: Lady Gaga is not the most horrible person who has ever existed. But, neither was Eve. Eve was just like Mary at first, with a correct and God-loving conscience, but then, once she got tempted by Satan, she turned to the dark side, and was banished from the Garden of Eden.

Lady Gaga is just like her, because, believe it or not, she used to be a pretty strong Catholic. She got accepted into Juilliard School at the age of 11 but instead turned down this offer and attended a small, private Catholic school. However, much has changed since then once she became a majorly famous pop star. For example, in 2008, during an interview with Elle, Lady Gaga stated that she wrote her songs mainly about sex, pornography, drugs, and alcohol. (People. om)

She used her famous songs “Just Dance” and “Poker Face” to reveal her bisexuality, and that the lyrics described “being with a woman while in bed with a man. ” What happened to her? She was a faithful girl who went to a Catholic school, so why would she waste her opportunity of living a chaste life by writing exceedingly inappropriate (but catchy) songs? Another example that I found that Lady Gaga openly admitted was this statement she made: “I didn’t lose my virginity until I was 17.

But I have to say even then I wasn’t ready and it was an absolutely terrible experience. This statement proves she feels a lot of regret, but mostly demonstrates her lax behavior. Notice how she says until she was seventeen. This shows that she really didn’t care that she was deeply offending God. Even though she was a Catholic and “still is” to this day, she doesn’t even try to be a good, moral person, because she got sucked into this secular world and started influencing people with her bad songs and at the same time doing those bad things to herself, all just to feel pleasure for selfish reasons.

Now, as I said before, this does not mean that Lady Gaga is the worst, least influential person in the universe, but like Eve, she made a hugely bad decision, and it is possible that she regrets these decisions or feels at least a little guilty about them. Eve was tempted by the Devil, so she chose to eat the apple for selfish reasons, because she wanted to be better and stronger than God. Lady Gaga went through similar circumstances. She could have stayed close to God and remain a strong Catholic, but she chose the dark path leading towards Satan, because she wanted what was “best for her.

We should all remember to pray for these celebrities like her, who are struggling through these tough problems and bad habits in life. A good example of a modern day Mary is Saint Maria Goretti. Born in 1890, Maria was raised in a good, Catholic family (sound familiar? ). She was a very beautiful, virtuous girl who died a martyr. She was faced with the most difficult decision most saints have probably faced: Sin or death. In July of 1902, Maria was brutally raped by a teenage boy name Alessandro Serenelli.

At first, Maria was well-aware what he was trying to do, so she tried desperately to stay away from him, even skipping work when necessary. She knew giving into his tricks would be a bad, immoral decision, and she would do nothing to offend God. However, Alessandro found a way to get the poor girl locked in a room by herself where she could never escape. Earlier that day, he told Maria to mend one of his torn shirts while he has harnessing oxen in the stable. Maria, of course, knew exactly what he was trying to do, but she was much too charitable to refuse his offer.

Then, while she was generously mending his worn-out shirt in the kitchen, Alessandro began his master plan. He ran up the stairs and picked up a knife in the bedroom. Maria was extremely frightened, but she cheered herself up by making the excuse that Alessandro had simply forgotten his sickle in the toolbox. However those was sadly not the circumstances that had really occurred. A couple seconds later, Alessandro strictly forced Maria to come over immediately. Maria didn’t listen, so he grabbed her by the arm, and locked the door. Maria called for help, but no one could hear her.

Since Maria wouldn’t give in to letting Alessandro sexually harass her, Alessandro held a knife up to her neck threateningly. That was the moment Maria had to choose whether to sin or die. Even with all the persuasion and trying to convince Alessandro that he would go to Hell after murdering her, Alessandro refused to listen, and stabbed Maria fourteen times. To this day, she is the patron saint of rape victims and struggling young women. You can really tell the difference between these two women. Maria Goretti started off in a good, strong, Catholic family, and stayed that way until death.

But Lady Gaga, on the other hand, started off almost the same way, yet she still commits horrible sins and sets horrible examples for the world today who adores her because of her catchy songs. St. Maria Goretti is a virgin-martyr who sets a perfect example as the Virgin Mary because of her chastity and purity. Lady Gaga is a celebrity with a false conscience who sets a perfect example for a modern day Eve because of her “fall” and sinful behaviors. Let us pray that Lady Gaga will be someday influenced by the virtuous Saint Maria Goretti and hopefully stop doing immoral things and start living a chaste life.