My Brother Zorak: A Narrative Fiction Research Paper

The day I was a child, I witness my brother, brutally murdered my father and mother, years passed since then, and I grew strong and trained every day so I could face my older brother Zorak, but with my father’s blood flowing inside me, the former king, I was born an elite warrior one in a million. The day had come when I faced my brother Zorak and his army. Facinf my brother and the countless soldiers I shouted, “Zorak, you have ruled, you who killed our parents in cold blood, so you can be king will now bleed at my feet.

There they were, the brother Zorak, who is now King of the planet jungle behind his solders and Zero an alien elite of him class standing against Zorak’s elite alien army who’s known to be unbeatable throughout the universe. Zero being engulfed in his pink aura and red electricity spark around him, emitting a unique and high power. “Scared so soon, Zorak, why won’t you come out and fight me like a MAN one on one, you who called yourself my brother and betrayed our family for power!? ” Zero’s shouts, as his voice could be heard from the soldiers to Zorak. The army of Aliens started to chat among themselves.

One of the aliens’s voices could be heard shouting towards the stand alone alien, “You are not worthy to fight the king, how a punk alien like you could be families with the king! ” sounding like a feminine voice of one of the general’s leading the charge. “GRR! I WILL KILL YOU ALL, I WILL GET MY REVENGE FOR WHAT YOU DID! ” Zero had responded gritting his teeth, before bursting his power, knocking down the front line, leaving them on their asses. After bursting his almighty aura, the Zero had lost his patience and charged with his mighty fist as he rushed towards the army.

As Zero’s fist impact the aliens in the frontlines, the impact explosion’s leaving rather disintegrated, bloody, or critically injured aliens left on their knees after the impact. Continuing to charge forward, the Zero would BASH his hand through every alien who DARE stood in his way just to kill them on the spot or leave them to die with a hole in their body and bleed out, not one alien (This rp exclude Woof he’s an alien on the game who knew nothing about this war. ) had at least lived from one punch.

The pink big red electric c colored aura could be seen dashing through HUNDREDS of other colored auras. With this fight Zero knew he would be weakening, when the time comes for him to face Zorak. The battlefield was BLOODY, but Zero would eventually grow tired. Once he had reached Zorak bodyguards, Zorak looked shocked to see how much his brother has grown, Zero had finally come to a halt. The bodyguards began to stack on top of the Zero and attack him, overwhelming him. This had only made him even more ANGRY, only for him to BURST his aura once again and barely continue his charge.

Going on a mass killing spree, the aliens had shot beams and blasts rapidly everywhere, rather it is in the sky or in any direction, NOTHING would stop him from reaching Zorak. Even if his death was claimed right after Zorak’s demise! Knowing with all these aliens in his way and being a mindless, slow tank, Zero had finally realized that eventually he’d grow tired. So what was his solution? Meditation, of course not! After every kill the cannibalistic Alien began to chow down on his! Some low-class aliens started to flee the fight dripping with blood, only to leave the regular and elite aliens to be munched on!

SCREAMS could be heard, not screams of war cry, but screams of TERROR! But obviously, this didn’t work. This had angered the army who never thought Zero an elite like most could be so much more powerful it made them want to try even harder! The king Zorak stepped out of his Throne as he grew impatient, knowing Zero was on another level “Soldiers give me your remaining power, let us show my brother than a war cannot be fought alone today this pathetic worm will learn the true power before facing me again. ” Zorak shouted, the remaining aliens began giving their power to Zorak to defeat Zero!

Seeing this, Zero knew with all his power, he had lack the only thing his brother has an army. Once the remaining soldiers gave Zorak power, draining them making them unconscious; Zorak flew up mid-air in the sky. “COME UP HERE AND FACE ME, WE WHO ARE BROTHERS, BUT YOU NEED TO LEARN A LESSOn…… BOY! ” The king had said, releasing his aura. Zero had flown up as well, before tearing off another alien’s arm and dropping it to the ground. Once Zero had flu towards Zorak, Zero was barely as strong as he was before the fight. “LET’S END THIS, HOW CAN MY OWN BLOOD BE SO STUPID! The king said, as he gets into an ancient stance mid-air. “I WILL DESTROY YOU, COWWARD! ” Zero had responded with before rushing the king. “Why? Why? would you go against me brother, you have yet to know what I’ve done all these years was to protect us, you see the potential you have, you destroyed all these soldiers by yourself, why not join me brother and I will tell you why I did what I did” Said Zorak.

“Join you don’t be fooled, I DID NOT KILL SO MUCH PEOPLE, LOSE MY INNOECENTS, ONLY TO JOIN YOU, I DID IT FOR SOLE REVENEGE! ” Zero said angrily. “You WHO KILLED OUR PARENTS, I WILL END YOU TODAY! Zero cried angrily, as he closed his fist and charged at Zorak. Zorak unleash the power he received from his falling man, “How sad, you have grown in power, but you’re still a child, let me show you true power” Zorak said, as he grabbed zeros fist swinging, Zero in a circle, then throwing him to the ground causing inflicted pain to Zero. Zero barely even able to get up unlocked a power inside of him, the power of remembering he lost his parent, somehow triggered a hidden potential. “I will not die here, I WILL PRIVALE” Zero muttered, as he punched a hole in the ground.

Zorak looking down at Zero felt a warming touch, shortly after he teleported to Zero and punched zero face down to the ground. Knowing that, Zero has far more potential, but he still has to learn how pain feels and that he had no intention to kill hisbrother. But instead, he will teach his brother a listen, even though he challenges his presence. Zero must learn the hard choices in life and not be justify by it. “I am sorry brother” Zorak whispered. Witnessing Zero’s defeat Zorak knew, despite how cruel he was, and all he had done throughout his life was for his own benefit, but it was also to protect Zero.

Zero had no idea of his father and mother’s request to Zorak asking him to kill them, so he can be king to protect his brother, knowing the elders where after their heads, But it was too late for reasoning and explaining this to Zero, Zorak knew he will have to fight his brother again because zero will never listen to reason, “Know what, All who can walk remove yourselves from the battlefield, you all have disgraced yourselves losing to my pathetic brother, who face no challenge or threat to me. ” Zorak said, as he knew he Zero being unconscious, could now be his chance to ship his brother away from jungle.

Bye my brother, I will hope next time you face me, you listen to reasoning. ” Zorak whispered as he put Zero in a spacepod, setting course to a faraway planet. “So long brother. ” Zorak said, As zero pod flu into orbit. Finally the pod came into orbit, as it crashed into the ground of planet Vegeta, the impact was great. Causing the pod to crash and disassemble. With Zero waking up with inflicted pain, he was cover with scraps all around him on a planet he knew nothing about. “Where am I” Zero said as he looked around, seeing nothing but emptiness, surrounding by red and brown dirt and disorientated buildings.

What Zorak did might have been out of protecting Zero. But to Zero it angered him even more, the life’s he took the training he had gone through, Zero knew he was only missing one thing. An Army he will now dedicate the rest of his life, training and will great an army to destroy his brother’s own. Zero’s eyes change the day he woke up, it was red instead of the innocent blue he once had, a red elasticity sparked around Zerp, his heart became dark. “I will be searching this universe, and become strongest, I’ll defeat those I see unfit, and face you again Zarok” Zero said as his aura released shaking the whole planet.