The Boston Massacre Key Events Research Paper

Event 1. The discovery of America. America was discovered (for Europe) in 1492. It was “discovered” by a man by the name of Christopher Columbus. He had a crazy theory that the world was round. He told the king of Europe about his theory and said if he funded an expedition for Christopher he would sail around the whole world and find the quickest route to Asia. But the king said no, so he proposed the same idea to Spain and they agreed. So he set off to sail around the world! After many months they finally found land. But it was not Asia, it was a new land.

But they did not find out until after they landed and realized it wasn’t Asia This event was important because if this never happened, I would not be writing a report about top five events in American history and because there would have not been an America in the first place. Event 2. America is separated from Europe. Many days, months, and years had gone by during the colonization of north America. There had been many issues such as natives, forced religion, harsh weather, unfair taxes and laws, and other problems that could happen while colonizing.

America was getting sick of it, how they came to America to escape their problems that they had in Europe but got them back and more. The biggest issues were the laws and forced religion and that pushed them to the point where they thought we don’t need Europe were doing fine on our own. And basically sent them a letter saying “Yeah we’re done being run by you and decided we can do it on our own. ” This event was important because they said were done with you guys and became their own country. Event 3. The Boston Massacre.

On 1770, March 5th, Boston, people were mad Europe refused to leave them be and stayed in control. As a plus a couple years before 1770, the king of Europe placed a law or act called the stamp act. This act stated that most items bought at market will have to have stamps and extra tax to purchase. This outraged the colonists and the started to revolt. On the mentioned date, there was a big mob of people sharing their ‘statements about the matter and unlucky for some British soldiers happened to be in the area. The colonists started threatening the soldiers and throwing rocks at them.

Some even had weapons. They were holding off the mob and out of nowhere one gunshot was fired. The rest panicked and started firing as well. 12 were dead and 4 injured and the mob fled. But the worst thing that could have happened to Europe did, the press picked up on the matter. The press made them look like monsters and that it was an attempt to scare everybody in North America into submission. This event was important because with more people convinced that the British should not control us and had many people join the patriots and militia to take America.

Event 3. The Battle of Lexington and Concord. In 1775, April 19th, The Patriots had made a small army and had planned to battle the British army in Lexington. Nobody thought the patriots could win because of the size of their army. The British army had arrived and began to exchange gunfire. At the beginning of the battle the British had 700 soldiers and there were only 77 militiamen. After the first volley 7 militia lay dead and 5 injured. Only one British troop was injured. The British army marched on to Concord to destroy all American arms, but hat they did not know was they moved and hid their far from concord.

As they were searching they were more than surprised when an army of 2,000 minutemen came marching down the hill. They started to shoot and killed many British troops and a LOT dropped their arms and began to flee. The Patriots had won the battle with a landslide of a victory. This is a very important event because when they won that battle, they convinced many colonists to join the cause of earning liberty and to fight back against the British. Event 4. The Battle of Yorktown. This is the battle that ended the revolutionary war in 1781.

General George Washington led an 17,000 man army made up of continental and French troops. The Americans were assisted by French Fleet lead by Francois. While a British General by the name of Lord Charles Cornwallis leading a British army of 9,000 held up in Yorktown. They attacked together and defeated the British by September 28th. The British were not able to flee because to french fleet surrounded Yorktown. So the British only option besides death, was to surrender. This was an important because this battle was the one that made the British surrender and signed a treaty.

Event 5. The First President. After the battle of Yorktown the Americans had liberty at long last. But there was still one problem, they need to think up of a new system to respect and live by. They came up with democracy. They would let the people decide and vote on matters such as laws, problems, and a new leader. They thought that the famous war hero George Washington. So he was elected and became the first president of North America. He leads us to victory and great choices. This event was important because with this new justice system and new way to choose leaders. They were destined for greatness.