Battle At Saratoga Essay

During the American Revolutionary War, many people helped out. The Sons Of Liberty, founded in 1765, participated in the Boston Tea Party, an event leading up to the war. The Daughters Of Liberty, also founded around 1765, participated in many patriot acts and events. Mercy Otis Warren supported the Patriots using plays. Mary Ludwig Hays … Read more

George Washington Dbq Essay

The American Revolutionary War went on between 1775-1783 and was lead by the patriot general George Washington. George Washington was born on February 22, 1732, and was the eldest Washington to make it into adulthood. George was the General in charge of the Continental Army, he had prior experience as a soldier during the French … Read more

Shay’s Rebellion Research Paper

In the eighteenth-century, the American backcountry had often resorted to violent protests to express the grievances the colonists had due to unjust taxation and racial and political unrest. During the eighteenth-century in America, the colonists were settled in and began coming across individual rights and developed thoughts of their own government. There were three significant … Read more