Battle At Saratoga Essay

During the American Revolutionary War, many people helped out. The Sons Of Liberty, founded in 1765, participated in the Boston Tea Party, an event leading up to the war. The Daughters Of Liberty, also founded around 1765, participated in many patriot acts and events. Mercy Otis Warren supported the Patriots using plays. Mary Ludwig Hays McCauley fought in her husband’s place when he was injured. George Washington, called General Washington during battles, led the colonists, or the Continental Army, into battle against the British and won.

Many Native Americans and African Americans participated in the American Revolutionary War. Though some Natives fought for the British, because they didn’t want any more colonists moving into their land, some of the Natives fought for the colonists. Many Indians were upset with the colonists moving into their land, so one Native chief named Chief Pontiac gathered nearby Native American tribes to battle the colonists. Some African Americans fought for the colonists, while others fought for the British. One African American, named Crispus Attucks, was believed to be the first person killed in the colonists’ fight for freedom.

James Forten was another African American who was held captive when captured by the British soldiers, and taken on a British boat, along with other Americans and African Americans. Battles Many battles were fought during the American Revolutionary War, but only a few of them were turning points in American History. The Continental Army lost many battles and many soldiers. For example, the Battle At Saratoga was considered a turning point in American History, because if the colonists had not won, the colonies would have a slim chance in the upcoming battles against the British.

Another battle was at Yorktown. The Battle at Yorktown was another turning point for the colonists. If the British Army had not surrendered, the Continental Army might have lost. The surrender of the British gave the colonies freedom. There were other important battles, like Breed’s Hill (mistaken for Bunker Hill, the hill next to Breed’s) and Lexington And Concord. The colonists were smart during the Battle at Breed’s Hill. The colonists built dirt mounds on the hill and shot down at the British. The British were forced down to the river twice.

Lexington and Concord included Paul Revere and Samuel Prescott. When Revere was captured by the British army, Samuel Prescott continued his ride. Paul Revere’s ride began in Boston, and the British forces did too, but in different times and locations. Causes Of The American Revolutionary War There were many causes of the American Revolutionary War, such as the Boston Massacre, The Boston Tea Party, The Townshend Acts, The Stamp Act, The Sugar Act, and The Coercive Acts, also called the “Intolerable Acts”.

The Boston Massacre was an event when some British soldiers came into Boston and killed many colonists who were not able to defend themselves. This event took place in March, 1770. Paul Revere painted a picture of this event and titled it, “The Bloody Massacre”. The Boston Tea Party was when the Sons of Liberty dressed up as Mohawk Indians and dumped all the taxed tea into the Boston Harbor. Some men took smaller boats to get onto the larger boat with the tea. One of the boats with the tea was docked in Griffiths Wharf.

The other was farther, and needed a rowboat to me get to it. This act took place in 1765. The Boston Tea Party upset the British, which led to the Coercive Acts. The Coercive Acts were also called “The Intolerable Acts” by the colonists, because they were “intolerable”. The British gave the colonists no privacy, and had the right to march into a home and treat themselves to whatever they wanted. The Stamp Act was when all items that came into the colonies had to have a special stamp that indicates if the item had already been taxed.

The items with the stamp were mainly newspapers, playing cards, and legal documents, but many other common items were stamped. The Sugar Act made all the colonists pay more taxes, with higher payments. Some colonists tarred and feathered the tax collectors to scare them away. The Townshend Acts Was the taxing of tea, glass, paint, and paper that had been shipped into the colonies. The French and Indian War was an event that lead up to the American Revolutionary War.

The French were not used to fighting in the woods, and in their bright red uniforms, they were easy targets. Though the Indians were skilled, many still died. The French and Indian War took place in 1754-1763. When the French went into areas claimed by the British, and in 1754, George Washington and a few of his men were sent to remove the French from Fort Duquesne. Washington and his men soon came across a French party, and ordered his men to fire at the French. That shot killed 12 Frenchmen and wounded about 22 of them. That’s when the war begin.