Battle Of North Point Essay

British (Battle of North Point):
the British plan was to squeeze the city and its garrison into baltimore by doing a land/sea maneuvers
At 3:00 in the morning on September 12,1814, six british ships started unloading troops, finishing by 7:00 AM
The leader was major general Robert Ross (seen in the picture).
Ross had three brigades of infantry, plus a company of Royal Sappers and a contingent of Royal Marines, under his command.
Royal Sappers are the royal engineer corps.
The British organized into a mile long column, and marched along Long Log Road to meet the Americans.

Americans (Battle of North Point):
The Americans had set up a decoy trench to slow down the British.
John Stricker (as seen in the picture) was the leader of the American forces at North Point and was a veteran of the Whiskey Rebellion and Revolutionary War. This was the same as the…

After seeing that the British took up camp for the night, he retreated to Hampstead Hill, burning strategic points along the way. This ended the battle of North Point.
Losses (Battle of North Point):
America lost 24 soldiers, and had 139 wounded in the battle.
In turn, the British lost 46 soldiers, and had 300 wounded in the battle.
As it rained on the night of September 12, 1814, the British suffered from lack of shelter and had many of their guns rendered inoperable.
The wounded were attended to in a field hospital (both the British and Americans were treated there)
Americans (Hampstead Hill):
The Americans had 5,000 soldiers in the Baltimore defences of Hampstead Hill the day of North Point, but they were able to muster a total force of 12,000 troops and 100 cannon over the night (reinforced from surrounding counties/states).
The Americans cleared out the surrounding area, and the rain the night before had turned everything to…