My College Goals Essay

There are many goals in my life that I want to achieve; therefore, I came up with a few goals to help me out along the way. It is currently my second semester in college, but my first goal is to graduate college in four years and open my sneaker store I want to open. I am not in a rush to graduate college yet because I really do love it here. It’s an amazing experience, I have so much freedom here and I barely have responsibilities, expect to take care of myself and make sure that my grades good.

In order to open up my sneaker store, I will have to make sure that I know my first location that I want to open it up at. So far I have four different places that I’ve been thinking about; New York City, Buffalo, NY, Columbia, SC and Utica, NY. The reason I named those places is because I am from New York City and would love to show my accomplishments in the place I was born and raised. In Buffalo is where I will be staying the majority of the summer with my uncle and I’m hoping that I will love the experience.

Now my dream has always been to live in South Carolina with my aunt, uncle, and grandmother. It is beyond beautiful out there and everything is so much cheaper there. Opening a store in New York City is a bit scary because I know that everything it is expensive and I’m not sure that I will be able to have those funds for my first store. It is important to save money while | am in college because starting up my own business will not be cheap. I am well aware of this, but at the same time, it is hard for me to save up my money.

I have a salary that I live off of every month and trying to save anything from it hasn’t happened yet this semester. After speaking to my uncle, who is in the process of building up his own twenty-four-hour daycare that I shouldn’t rely on all of my money to open up the store, I should try to get grants that I don’t have to pay back. The process of getting money is similarly to getting money for going to school. Being in college is both fun and educational at the same time. My high school advisor uses to always tell me, “in college, you have all the freedom of an adult, without any of the responsibilities. And now I am fastly approaching the last week of college I am noticing that he was hundred percent correct because I do have all of the freedom that I want. There isn’t anybody constantly on my back telling me what and what not to do. I have to do that by myself and at times it can get hard. But I have to remember what I came to college for and stay focused to achieve the goals that I set for myself. There is a lot that I learned in college that I know I would have never learned if I just went straight into the business world.

The reason I mention that is because a handful of people always say that technically you don’t have to go to college to open up a store, but getting the knowledge and being able to have a degree is what’s more important to me. Anybody can go get a job, but many don’t get the chance to go to college and that is why I take advantage of an opportunity that I have. Also, the reason I feel like coming to college was the smartest thing for me to do is because during my junior year I will begin doing internships that I can put on my resume that will show that I have the good experience.

This is a great advantage because I live in New York City where there are so many people and everyone fights for the same exact jobs and you have to stand out to those employees and show that you’re better than every other person in the city which is impossible. Taking advantage of college and getting an education was the smartest thing I’ve ever done and I know for sure that it will pay off in the future when it is time to open my sneaker store. It’ll be a hard process, but worth it once everything is done and falling into place.

Another goal I have is to become the CEO of my uncle’s clinic in the future. Ever since | was younger I have had a strong passion for sneakers. Growing up I was extremely spoiled so I had just about every sneaker that came out because of my mother. Nineteen years later I still have a strong love for them, but the difference now is that I have to support my own habits because I am in college now. After listening to many adults talk about hating their job I knew that I did not want to have that attitude towards my job when I got older.

That is why I came up with the idea of turning my love into a career. I am currently in college majoring in business management. Aside from taking business classes, I am making a business plan, saving money and starting to meet up with professionals who will help me get grants to start up my store and give me important advice with opening up my own business. I am thankful that I have two uncles that have careers in business because I am getting extra help as well.

I am currently attending Utica College, majoring in business management, this will help because it will be under my belt when I go to show people that I am really serious about opening up my own store. Many people don’t go to college and get the extra four years of education so I have a step above them and I am grateful for that! The reason I say this is because people say that you don’t have to go to college in order to open up a business, but it is best to get more knowledge, you can never be too smart. Being in college is helping me out in many ways.

Like mentioned in the beginning of the paragraph it is helping me get the knowledge that not a lot of people take advantage of. There are many things that I learn in my business classes that you can’t just learn from random people in the street. Another way that college is helping me because they advertise that you do internships so that once you get out of college you are able to say that you have some type of experience. Having experience is important because the employees want to know that he/she is hiring somebody who has a little bit of knowledge inside of the field and not just from reading the books in college.

Technically, people don’t need to go to college in order to open up their own business, but it is a smart decision. Many people don’t go to college because they feel like they can be working and making money so that they could put it into their business, which is understandable. On the other hand, it is also an opportunity cost, which is more important, but in the long run which will be more helpful when it comes to opening up the actual store and making sure that it is successful. Graduate college, after four years I will be a college graduate with my bachelor’s degree.

I am in no form rushing the process as stated in the beginning of my paper. It’s an amazing thing being on a college campus, but one day I will to grow up and become the independent adult I was raised to be. One thing that is constantly mentioned in a business management class is making sure that you have a business plan. A business plan is like a syllabus in college, but ten times more important. It is organized with the plans that a person will need to do or have done already for their business.

If not that person will have a really hard time keeping open that business. Everything must be planned out when it comes to things such as a business. There are many things that come with being the owner of your own business. Things such finding a location, fixing up the store, and hiring employees, and having a successful business. Without those things, as well as other things there will not be a successful business and it won’t last that long. In summation, I have many goals in life and hope that I can achieve all of them before I am too young to enjoy them.

Opening my own store has been a dream I’ve had all of my life and I won’t stop chasing that dream until I reach it and that is a promise that I will continue making to myself. Also, learning about my uncle’s business to make sure that it stays in the family and stays a successful business for many generations. I have a lot of things that are on my plate, but I will keep taking all of my goals one day at a time and never give up on any of my goals. I am smart, black, intelligent women and I will make sure people see how determined I am.