Essay On High School Goals

Middle school is over and it is time to enter the “fastest four years of our lives. ” High school is supposedly filled with endless adventures and challenges, but how can I feel satisfied that all of my goals were accomplished? While in middle school, school began and ended a half an hour after that in high school, we took yellow buses instead of Septa, and the grading system was not as strict. Even though there are changes to get used to and overcome, before I reach the end of my senior year I want to feel as if I completed just about everything that I wanted to do.

Winning at high school means to be happy with my choices and to not look back on the past four years regretting decisions, saying, “Man, I wish I did this. ” Furthermore, I want to strengthen my resume for college so that I can reach my final goal of becoming a virologist. Now that I am in high school, I plan to earn high grades, participate in various clubs and teams, make new friends, and volunteer in our community. I believe that receiving high marks will not only enhance my resume, but will also provide an easier transition into daily life and the workplace.

I find that striving to earn A’s is much harder without specific goals in mind as I do not see the point in earning them.. Due to this, I plan on getting first honors all four years in high school and Tri-M to insure that I feel that my efforts are working toward something I need to fulfill. Maintaining high grades will prepare me for scholarship testing along with making myself eligible for more college opportunities in the future. However, academics alone will not separate me from the rest of my classmates as anyone can manage their grades, but not everyone will be able to participate in various clubs and teams whilst retaining high marks.

Whether it be a club or team, extracurricular activities will improve my high school experience. In all four years of high school, I plan to make both the MaST soccer and basketball team. In doing so, I hope to make it to the championship at least once since we are considered the underdogs. Additionally, I plan to continue learning guitar at Settlement Music School, participate in student council, and be a part of the choir here at MaST. Choir ties into part of my academic goal as being a part of a musical activity and maintaining a GPA of over 3. will allow me to be inducted into Tri-M.

Overall, involvement in after school clubs or teams will not only give me a broader aspect of what high school has to offer, but also will give me opportunities to make new friends. While grades and after school involvement are important, maintaining old and making new relationships can make these four years significantly more memorable. I have been told high school is the time where I will find out who my true friends really are.

This means that while I may strengthen the bond between some of my friends, others may leave. Having close friends in high school not only allows me to make memories with them, but they also act as a system of support when accomplishing my goals. As the saying goes. “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together” (African Proverb). When I have friends to back me up, I feel far more comfortable with myself, which helps me reach goals that I was scared to try before.

However, leaving high school a winner can happen outside of school. Donating my time and effort for volunteering purposes is a great way to improve my resume along with my character. With one of my many goals for myself is to receive a scholarship for college, supporting the community can help me stand out from the other applicants. From freshman to senior year, I hope to continue volunteering at the MaST Stream Summer Camp along with searching for other opportunities.

In addition, I also hope to donate blood during the blood drive when I turn sixteen so that if someone is in need of a transfusion, blood is available. Overall, supporting the community is a great way to not only improve my college application, but will improve the general population as well. Putting in the countless all nighters and hard work now will lead to a better future in various ways. I feel that receiving high grades, becoming a part of various clubs and teams, spending time with friends, and volunteering will allow me to leave high school a winner.

This is important because when I leave MaST, I do not want to regret any of my decisions in high school and make the experience as memorable as possible. After all, I will only go through high school once, I might as well make the best of it. Maintaining high grades will not only prepare me for my choice of work, but will also allow me to feel that I have received the maximum amount of education possible. Participating in extracurricular activities will let me experience new things and give a broader outlook of what high school has to offer.

Moreover, friends make high school memorable because they will provide a system of support and motivation for my goals. Volunteering in the community will not only give a glimpse of what goes on in the “real world” but also allows me to help those in need. All of these topics mentioned can improve my resume, allowing me to reach my final goal of being accepted into a decent college and majoring in virology. There are so many things waiting to be discovered and conquered in high school, and it all begins freshman year!