My Father King Offal Analysis Essay

“It’s a boy,” said the midwife. My father, King Offal, always wanted a son. He felt as if he had to pass down all his glory, fame, wealth, and leadership because that is what his father did to him. When my father was a child, his family traveled to Uruk from India. His father gained great respect from leading wars, to creating the irrigation system. His loyalty and soul, made him King of Uruk. After my grandfather’s death, my father became King at fifteen. People say that my dad is the best leader Mesopotamia has ever had. Years later, they had a son, me. They named me Salomi. In our language, it means heart of a lion.

Well, that must be one soft lion. He has big expectations for me and my kingdom. But, I feel as if I will never grow up to be like him. He is a fierce man, while I still have many fears. He is a man of fame and glory, while I do not care to be famous. He is a selfish, ignorant man, while I only want equality. I’m afraid of disappointing my dad and all of his dreams. But I don’t believe that everything he does is right. On the other hand, my mother, Naomi, is more like me. She is a warrior, but in a different kind of way. She cares for everyone. There’s not a day that goes by where I don’t witness her helping someone.

She was a young villager, around the time my father arrived. My father said she was a treasure once he laid his eyes on her. They got married when my father became King. But, she always saw the world differently than him. At first, my father did not get bothered when she helped the poor or sick. But now, he gets very annoyed and bitter when he sees it. But that does not stop her. She has influenced me a lot in my life. I want to be just like her. But my father will not allow it. “All I want to do is help! Can’t you see that? ” I overheard her say, as my mother and father were arguing in their bedroom. “I don’t care.

Let them be, and we should live our lives like we are supposed to. Like royalty,” said my father. “That’s fine if you don’t care, but I do! ” “If you care so much, you can go live with them and never come back! ” I was stunned by what I had just heard. I had never heard them fight that hard, or even at all. As I sat behind the pillar in grief, when suddenly, my father came storming out of the bedroom door. He looked as if a tear was about to run down his cheek, but I knew for a man like him, it was impossible. “Father, is everything alright? ” “No son. Not everything is right,” said my father with heartbroken emotion in his voice.

But she’s just trying to help dad. She has a caring heart, and all you have is a heart for yourself. ” “Salomi go to your room right now. ” “But dad I was–” “Son,” interrupted my father as I started to walk to my room. I lie in my bed, thinking about what happened. I want to stand up for my mom, but my father will get mad. I want to help others by myself, but that will make my father delirious. These thoughts drifted through my head, as I slowly drift to sleep. “Honey, get up! It’s time for breakfast,” said my mother early after the sun rose. It was a bright, sunny day. A perfect day to take a dip in our pool.

Our pool was very large and very expensive, just like everything else we owned. It was only supposed to be used for bathing. But, if my father was busy, I would have some fun in it! There are always slave children that watch as I swim in the refreshing water. They always ask if they can get in, but my father always tells me to yell at them to get back to work. But instead, I kindly let them know that they are not authorized to do so. But today was so hot and dry, that I don’t know if I will be able to resist. As I walk down the steps to our pool entrance, and into the sunlight, I can feel the excruciating heat hit my face.

I kept walking until I got into the edge of the pool. Then, I jumped in. It was the most sensational feeling I had in a long time. I sat there, in the pool, relaxed. Then, I heard a faint whisper. “Ssssppppttt. Hey,” said a mysterious voice coming from behind me. I quickly jerked around to check it out. And there stood a little boy. “Hello. Who are you? ” “My name is Abirami. Can you let me in? ” “I don’t know if I can. My father does not want any strangers in our pool. ” “But please? I will only stay for a few minutes! And plus, it is scorching hot outside, and I need to take a break and refresh. ” “Hhhhhmm.

Ok, I don’t see a problem. But only a few minutes, ok? ” “Ok, I promise. ” I got up out into the baking sun, and unlocked the gate to our courtyard. The boy had a dirty face and fallen apart shoes that barely stayed on his feet. As he walked through the gate, his eyes gazed at the miraculous palace. “Do you live here? ” He asked in awe. “Yes, I’ve lived here my whole life,” I replied. “Wow, you are very lucky. I bet you love it here. ” “Eh, not as much as you would think. ” “How so? ” “Well, it’s really strict and there’s not much to do from day to day. ” “Oh. Well enough talk, let’s swim! ” We both jumped in the pool.

We had to stay in the shallow end because he didn’t know how to swim. “I wish we had something to play with,” I said. “Hold on,” he replied with a smile on his face. He ran over to a palm tree and started climbing it. At first, I was wondering what he was doing? Then, I saw what he was going for. He grabbed a coconut and tossed it down. “Here ya go,” he said with excitement as he threw it at me. We then started playing, and having a grand time. Then I heard footsteps, and at first I didn’t know who it was. Then, I heard a deep face call out from above the steps, still no facial appearance.

“Son, who is that with you? said my father. My heart started pounding, and my legs felt like jelly. Then there appeared, those dark, mysterious eyes. He started walking quickly, then yelled. “Salomi, go inside. ” I quickly walked out, without a reply. He took the boy outside, and all I heard was a brutal scream. I sat in my room, having uncontrollable thoughts about what just happened. It was my fault that boy had lost his life. If I just would have said no, none of this would have happened. Although I feel guilt and shame, I still believe my father made a big mistake. The people will not take this well, and they will express their emotions.

The next sunrise, word got around of what my father did. My mother was devastated when she heard the news. She wasn’t the only one that was furious. The whole city was outraged when they heard the news. “How could you do something like this? You are a disgrace to me and our family. Now you’ve gotten yourself into trouble, and I’m gonna enjoy watching you trying to get out of it,” my mother screamed. “I made a mistake. I will do anything I can to get us out of this. ” “There is no us, there is only YOU,” exclaimed my mother. My father was heartbroken. Everything he had worked for, was going down the drain.

I’ve never seen my father care so much about anything. He dug himself in a deep hole, and it’s going to be tough to get out. After about a month of the word getting around, the people started to react. Riots began to happen, and businesses and slave owners were being overthrown. It was just a matter of time before the empire was overtaken. I am scared for what the future holds. I may not be able to hold my father’s legacy. He may not live to see me grow up. I do not want to die like this. Days past, and riots continued. “Master, there is word that a war will break out before the sun sets,” said one of the messengers.

My father replied, “Who is telling you such things? ” “The leader of a mystery empire, sir. I wish I could give you a name but we have never dealt with them before. ” “I thought we had a treaty with our surrounding empires? ” I said as I jumped into the conversation. “Well, we did, until they heard the news. They are now very angry and upset with your father, and want to end his reign. ” Those words struck me. It started as just a mishap, and now, it is jeopardizing my father’s life. None of this would have happened, if I would have said no. “Well then, we will prepare for battle,” said my father. Sir, that is the other bad news.

Our military forces are in a huge minority. There is nothing much we can do,” said the messenger. My father, more scared than ever before, sat in disbelief. Later that night, my parents told me to go to bed, and when I wake up it will all be over. But I can not fall asleep. I sit here, waiting for the night to pass, and for everything to change. I was expecting everything to disappear like in a an old folktale my grandmother used to tell me. But nothing happened. I sat in my room, hearing screams and war taking place, just outside. Then I remembered that my father was out there fighting.

I sat up and looked through my aperture. It was horrifying. People being slaughtered, homes being burnt down, and one of the greatest kingdoms that existed, was being destroyed. I just really hope he is still alive. I sat there for a little while. Then, I heard someone shout a sentence I thought I would never hear. “The king has been murdered! ” My mom then rushed in the door, and took me into the basement. She held me tightly in her arms. I could tell just by her breathing, that she was very scared. After a long time of sitting and weeping, I fell asleep. Two moons passed, and things were not getting any better.

Our empire was struggling without an emperor. Our irrigation system was not holding up either. There was nobody to fix it, because all of them were killed. We had used so much water to put out the fires, so now we are running short. We should have gotten water from more distant supplies, but now it is too late. We have to savor every last drop. It is just a matter of time before we run out. Two more moons have passed, and a lot of people also. All of my friends and family members died of dehydration or starvation. And I know I am almost there. Who knew that a simple thing like water, could take down such a magnificent empire?

I haven’t spoken for two days, and if I tried, I don’t know if I could. I sit here, so innocent, not knowing what breath would be my last. Thoughts run wild through my head. Everything my father worked for, was lost. And now, there is nothing I can do to save it. I wonder, if I wouldn’t have let that kid get into our pool, if I wouldn’t have done the right thing, would we be here? I felt guilt and shame. But yet, at the same time, I was proud that I stood up for what is right. Now I see, how one decision, can dictate the rest of your life. I just wonder what it would be like, if I said no. Then everything, went silent.