National Song and Dance Company of Mozambique

The company’s repertoire ranges from traditional dances, choral and instrumental music to modern African ballet, theater, poetical recitation and storytelling, all of which take full advantage of the rich and diverse national culture. Amongst the best known shows within the repertoire are:

Em Moambique, o Sol Nasceu (The Sun Has Arisen in Mozambique): A spectacular extravaganza featuring the most representative dances of the country, such as the Xigubu warriors’ dance of the South, the Mapiko secret mask dance of the Makonde and the Tufu complex of the Islamized Makuwa in the North, the Makhwayi, Semba, Nyau, Niketxhe of Central Mozambique, to mention just a few examples. As Mos (The Hands), N’tsay, … , Noiya de Nha Kebera, A Grande Feste: all these pieces interpret traditional myths, rites, and/or scenes from everyday life and combine, to a greater or lesser extent, traditional dance steps with modern dance techniques.

O Concerto: an instrumental show that explores the diversity of musical styles in both vocal and instrumental music, with special emphasis on the Chopi umbila tradition, love songs of the Shona/Ndau, of the Nyangwe, and the intricate drumming traditions of the Makonde. Aves Selvagens (Wild Birds): A local interpretation and adaptation of Hans Christian Anderson’s well-known Wild Swans. Ode to Peace: A joyous choreographical celebration of the 1992 General Peace Agreement for Mozambique which put an end to the civil war.

This ode was the nuclear piece of the artistic program for civic and electoral education that the dance company showed all over the country from 1993 to 1994. Let Us Save the Forest: This is the new show in the making at this very moment. It aims at educating people, through dance, music, storytelling, and other expressive forms on how to preserve and manage the environment in a sustainable manner. The center stage for this show will be the central province of Manica.

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