Organ Sales Research Paper

Organ sales Should organ selling organs be legalized? Yes or no? me personally I would stand between it because there are plenty of good facts on both why and why it shouldn’t be legalized, such as; think about how many people die with good organs that someone else is in need of or suffering from and organ disease, so why let this person suffer? Then again, is it right to sell someone else’s organs and make a profit off of it? This is a hard topic to decide on, because you have to honestly think about it on both sides of the process.

Especially, since over a million people suffer from organ disease all over the world. In this paper I will explain to you both the positives and negatives on this topic. First, is why it should not be legalized. So what happens if you are suffering from and organ disease, but you can’t afford the cost of the organ that you need? Did you know that most organs cost up to $5000-$25000 on average? Yes, I know that’s a lot of money for a used organ from someone that’s probably already dead. Then again as a human being in this world, how can you honestly put a price on someone else’s organ and expect to make a profit?

These days people will do anything to earn a dollar, but steal from a dead man that’s very low as a person and then try to argue that you’re making an honest living. Though the poor would be more likely to sell their kidneys and other organs, they also suffer more than others from the current shortage. Today, the rich often don’t wait as long as others for organs since some of them go to countries such as India, where they can arrange for transplants in the underground medical sector, and others manage to jump the train by having residence in several states or other means.

The sale of organs would make them more available to the poor, and Medicaid could help pay for the added cost of transplant surgery. Poor people are some of the main ones force to sell their organs just for the rich, but once again, what about all the other people in the world that’s suffering from an organ that they really need; but they can’t afford it because the cost is so high. Why can’t we donate the organs that we have instead of tagging them with ridiculous prices. That the poor people that also can benefit from this suffer just as well as rich people can. Now lets think about all the deaths that are related to this topic.

A little over 21 people die a day A little over 21 people die each an everyday due to lack of donated organs. if we did more donating organs, then selling them, we could turn 21 into 7 deaths a day. just by doing something so little that can easily change more peoples lives by almost 50 percent. Then you are limited on the choices you have about what happens to the choices you have about what happens to your organs, even though you chose to donate them, you still have no say so on who receives the organs that you just risked your life ,yet not to know who is going to be the next person on your organs.

Although being an organ donor is a very good thing. You still have to realize that you are also risking your life in the process of saving someone else life, the risk is high for some people depending on your medical history. The human body, alive or dead may never be treated as property or a service. This moral principle applies equally to a person who donates organs. to governments, organizations and people who encourage organ donation for the help of the sick. although the claim for organs is great, those supplying this need must always respect human speech and freedom.

The more that I read, the more I notice that selling organs is also helping save more lives today. People may sell one of their organs for financial reasoning such as; they are in debt, maybe lost a job/ out of work, or just need that little extra money to get put over the top. Selling an organ brings in more money than most people make in a year’s time. Most people sell organs because they think of it as if I donate my organ I’m rising my life for free to a random person I have never met before in their lives.

Plus you have no say in where or who gets your organs so if we can’t say who gets the organ why not get paid for doing it? If they did, the waiting lists for kidneys wouldn’t be quite so enormous, and thousands of people wouldn’t die each year while waiting for a kidney. Most friends and family view the donation more as “a crazy act of selfsacrifice” than a logical response to help. The truly decent route would be to allow people to withhold or give their organs freely, especially upon death, even if in exchange for money. Thousands of lives would be saved.

Once again, humanitarianism is best served by the respect for civil liberty, and yet we are deprived both, with horribly unsuccessful values, ust to maintain the trick of state-enforced respectability. So honestly the selling of organs is a pretty decent idea besides the high prices. If you think about it over all selling organs is honestly not as bad as people makes it seem. According to doctors all over the world the selling of organs will truly save more lives from all over. it is said that selling organs will reduce the rate of deaths from people needing organs by over 50 percent.

People are in need of all types of organs, and there are plenty of them that you can buy. Even if your living you can still sell your organs and still live , if you are a healthy person with no cancer or bad genetic history. If I was a donor I would strongly suggest the selling of your organs,well if you are a living donor. It will help keep a little more money in your pocket for basically risks your life to save another. Its more of a thank you award more than a profit. There so many different types of organs that are sold all around the world. The most commonly sold organ is the kidney hands down.

There are most than 30 of kidneys sold every two days. Most people have kidney failure due to the drink of dark sodas is one major cause that slowly but steadily kills a kidney over the years. The next commonly used organ is the lungs. People need lung transplants due to the fact that smoking causes lung cancer which leads to the failure of the lungs. Another organ that’s used is heart transplant which is for people that was born with a hole in their heart. then again they could also have an irregular heart. Heart transplants are common all over the world. 34 people die every week from the need of a heart transplant.

People are basically dying in line waiting for more organ donors. Then if you don’t have a family member that is willing to donate the organ you need. That means you will but stuck on a waiting list until somebody dies and is the right match for you. So therefore you will never no how long that’s going to take , so your basically slowly dying in need of and organ match. So to conclude this, paper I strongly agree that organ sales should be legalized. Only because it has been proven to save more lives all around the world. Also it produces more organs to people in need then the average donors that are living and dying every day.