Personal Code Of Ethics In Education Essay

As I reflect on my career, I’ve come to develop my philosophy of what a Leadership role should look like as I see myself in the administrative role. I’ve had many helping hands along the way to show, teach, guide, and mold me into what I want to see meshed into an ultimate educational model. Working in various schools and learning their pedagogy, I left with experiences in several models that allow me to grow as an educator. As part of an educator I grew to understand the many characteristics of employees that I worked with and became a team member.

Recruitment As an administrator in the school district I need to fill the rojected and anticipated areas of staffing needs. Currently the community has been a steady retaining community, projecting that we are teetering where we need to be as fully staffed within the district. As the end of the year contracts come in, it will give me the data I need to fill positions. As I gather information I would then start taking teacher interest’s surveys and systematize for current positions in-house. I would review the position job descriptions and update information as needed. Next, I would then utilize the online Website and conduct my searches from there.

I would include information on the website about the benefits our school district has to offer especially teacher housing. The community has a housing shortage, but the district invested in building homes for teachers. Another point of interest our district offers is the support for professional growth. Finally, I would seek candidates at job fairs. I would have brochures prepared with information about our district and what our district has to offer. I would prepare a set of interview questions if a candidate stands out and is favorable for the position. It would be crucial to have the hiring capability in place n a time of competition and teacher shortages.

Selection of teachers The selection process of our staff would be considered professionally and fairly. I believe that the most highly qualified would be considered but also would have to have a good match with our schools goals and mission of our organization. Once I have received and compiled the master list of applicants, by good practice, I would send out postcards and emails. I would inform them their application has been received, I will keep in touch with an interview date and I would then ask them to submit their transcripts and three letters of reference.

In the interview process I would conduct a group interview session. The interview would be a speed interviewing technique where the interviewee has five minutes to answer a question and move to the next interviewer. First impressions are surfaced in the process and the interviewer has a more interpersonal connection verses a group interview. Then the team would get together and score the applicants. The highest scoring applicants would be offered the jobs. I would conduct the credential, background and reference checks. The applicants would be required to submit fingerprints for background checks.

For the applicants who were not offered a position, by good practice, thank them for their applications and keep them in mind for future employment opportunities should one arise. Retention and Evaluations As our district now has hard to fill positions. The retention of our staff is crucial so the offer of hiring bonuses and signing bonuses with at least competitive wages would have staff considering their options of staying with the organization. I would also offer intrinsic motivation benefits. The recruitment and selection requires for the administrator to prepare for the process in a short period of time.

In the New Town schools district, there is a definite time constraint for projecting the areas of need for positions. Once data is established, the administrator has to thoroughly revamp the scope to align with the district goals and needs. In a successful organization a teacher has to perform at best and evaluations will establish their performance. Teachers also need to be happy in their placement so offering the survey of interest will help to retain current employment and offer the opportunities to switch roles in-house. The recruiting process is a competitive one, therefore; n aggressive approach is necessary at job fairs. The brochures and information posted on the website of the school district needs to be appealing to draw the best applicants to your community and school district. I’ve had supervisors who were very good at what they did and how extremely valuable they were to the staff. I hope to be as humble one day as they became to be.

I would like to be a leader who doesn’t put themselves above any other, one who leads as a whole staff moving forward for the good of an organization. I would take input from all staff and come up with olutions together for the better of the cause. Staff should feel they work in a positive atmosphere and I am going to create this type of environment by leading by example. I am going to ensure that I will have an open door and be available to them as much as possible. I will stand by my staff and make them feel valued, give positive feedback, and give recognition where recognition is due. Ethical decisions Everyone has a different moral standing in the world, and different expectations of people in the world.

So it is no different that everyone has a different personal code of ethics hen it comes to work and personal life. Hence, the phrase “personal” code of ethics. People develop their personal code of ethics through a variety of personal experiences. Mine have been from my family, culture, world experiences, and my teaching profession. It is important for all administrators of education to be lifelong learners. My personal code of ethics is Supervision you should show up to work on time, be caring and honest with others. Always work your hardest, and do not give up or quit something that you started. Treat all people in a respectful, fair, and equal way.

Dress appropriately, professional, and always act professional because you never know who is watching. I grew up in a family that was expected to work for everything we ever received from our parents. My dad and mom are the hardest workers I know. They always had jobs, and never missed work unless an emergency came up. It was clear at a young age I needed to be at school, work, and any other event at least five minutes early no matter what. They also taught me to be my strong person and standup for what I believed in and myself. They encourage me to do my best in everything I tried.

I as not allowed to quit anything I joined because I made a commitment. I still to this day do not quit anything I start. My family is the sole reason I know how to work so hard, and hold high expectations for myself, and the students that enter my classroom. As a leader it can be challenging to make ethical decisions as well as treat everyone with fairness. In my practice I will have to look at issues at all avenues and make my decisions as best as I know how. I know it is going to be a learning process but I will go at it in a positive manner.

My experiences in the world have helped me tremendously, developing my own ersonal code of ethics. I have gone through prejudice, and discrimination just because my skin is brown. Being criticized because of my skin, has changed my view on many people and has helped me develop a personal belief on how people should be treated. I believe all individuals should have a fair and happy life experience. I have learned from my experience in the world to not let others effect your life in a negative way especially if it because of culture. Never be ashamed of where you came from, or who brought you up because in the end without those people you would not be living your life.