Personal Essay On Becoming A Counselor

Becoming a counselor would mean the world to me because I love helping others that are in need. In my personal life, I have dealt with people using drugs, stress, body reputation, and mental illness. I have seen others suffer from emotional, physical, and mental abuse from family members, friends, partners, and mates. Throughout my life, friends and family members have always asked me, why I smile or why am I always happy. I tell them because I am stress free and I help others with issues. Some will come to me for advice on relationships and body reputation because they are having a rough time in a relationship or picked on.

Personally, I am a willing resource for people to look forward to meeting and discuss information about their concerns and issues. It would be in great pleasure to help people with things that I have overcome and helped others achieved and overcome as well. In a professional setting, I will be able to teach and guide people to become better human beings and have dignity and courage to help another person who is suffering with emotional, physical, mental, stress and body image issues. To help me get prepare for the professional world in counseling, I took on an internship.

I interned with Coastal Carolina University, The COAST office, which stood for The Coastal Outreach Advocate Student Training. The COAST is an outreach service for students on campus to come and join in with activities, events and presentations to share with people who are struggling with the same issues. Some of these issues may become a problem in things that we are trying to do. One in particular, stress can cause many complications that may lead to health issues. I want help others before it gets to a serious matter of life or death.

Some related work history on why I want to become a counselor, one of which I stated before working with The COAST has taught me that if I can push through my issues and become a better person than I can definitely help others succeed. Teaching several college classes about different situation that college students go through or just regular people who wakes up every day to go to work. I have also worked with elderly people as a Care Partner to help with their daily living and talk with some and confine in them to let out their pains.

As a friend, I listened to all of my friends and family members issues and gave some great advice on relationships even though; I was never in a relationship. I also gave advice on stress and body image. With the opportunity of helping others reminded me of how I got picked on in elementary and how stress I was and how I did not have no one I can turn to and trust. I want young people to understand that everything happens for a reason and that sometimes it is hard to reach out to someone about problems especially when you do not know who they are.

Throughout my journey of working as an intern, I found out some of the fundamentals to help people overcome situation as of today, when I am suffering through the some of these issues. I find myself guiding myself that everything will be okay and ways to de-stress. My goal in the counseling career field is to help decrease the numbers of harm and death due to mental illness, depression, stress, and emotional suffering. My plans are to stay focus and to help others that are in need. I will be successful in helping others through the same issues that I went through growing up.

Something so close and dear to my heart is a story that I only told once. At a very young age, my oldest sister did an over dose on medication because she could not take life no more due to tough love and relationships. As young as I was, I talked into putting on clothes and stop taking pills and go with the EMS. Thanks to me, I saved my sister life because if she had to take four more pills, she would not have been here today. I never really shared her story only to a few people because it made me very emotional.

I never want anyone to take their life due to anything that may feel hard or difficult to them. I know if there is a way, there is a will to do and be better in life. Whether I am religious or not, I do not want no one to feel like they are alone. This is a legit reason to why I am willing to counsel young people because there is so much more to life than ending it so soon. Helping others makes me a better person and saving their lives makes it even exciting to help them do greater things in life.