Personal Narrative: Moving To North Carolina Research Paper

North Carolina

        We finally moved to North Carolina and I was devastated. I felt like I had to leave behind all of the friends I had just started formulating deeper bonds with. I felt like I had to start over from scratch with making friends and I missed Khalif; and finding out that he contacted me the night before we moved  and I missed his call, didn’t make things any easier. I never told him I was moving when I found out. I figured since we wasn’t together anymore, why bother. He found out my last day of school because my best friend and I were crying, and another student went back and told him. He approached me before the day was over, and wanted to know why I didn’t tell him I was moving. After we talked, he gave me a hug. I didn’t expect him to try to contact me that night. I didn’t find out he had called until my family and I were well in NC and I checked the caller ID box….

I was well in NC, starting a new life, and surely my mom was not about to be letting me call long distance to talk to “some boy.” North Carolina seemed even more country than Virginia though. I loathed being in NC when we first moved there. The only thing that I enjoyed when we first moved to NC is that my oldest brother was living there with his family. I enjoyed babysitting for my brother and his wife. I always got to eat out or get some clothes for…