Essay about Personal Narrative: Who Is My Hero

The Bright Side
Imagine having two babies and they die. Then you have a son, and years later your husband dies. Bernice Magnuson always had her head up even if something bad happens. A hero to me is not flying around in a cape it’s someone who is caring and thoughtful. This is why Bernice is my hero.
At the time Bernice lived in Dearborn, Michigan. She moved to Ludington with her son Don when he retired. I had moved to Ludington just a few months before. Don was building a house right across the street. As a two year old I loved going over and getting cookies that Bernice would always make for me. Bernice was always a kindhearted and loyal woman. As she would put it I was the `granddaughter she never had`.
Bernice and Don…

Bernice ended up moving back to Dearborn. She moved to a senior residence called Oakwood Commons. She made tons of friends again and the good part was she could visit them anytime! Every Saturday she would get her hair done downstairs where she lived. I remember always going to visit and she would tell me let’s go downstairs and get ice cream . Bernice would always get mint chocolate chip ice cream. I would always get sorbet. Bernice began to get sicker through the months. I recall driving to Detroit and she made the decision to move to hospice. They said she would live for another 3 months. Four days later I woke up and couldn’t fall asleep. I heard the TV on so I shut my door and went back to sleep. That night I had a dream of Bernice giving me hug and saying `Goodbye`. Bernice died at the same time I had the dream on July 14th of 2011.
Bernice was always a strong woman. She was my Michigan hero because she was always so kind and loving and unique. I always looked up to her for those great qualities. That was the saddest I had ever been in my life. I had lost a special person. Bernice showed me how to find the bright…