Personal Narrative: My Favorite Vacation Essay

My Favorite Vacation I sat at the resort’s buffet with my mom, grandparents, and my brother, while we were relaxed and we enjoyed ourselves. I could smell the salt from the seawater of Gulf of Mexico, it was a rather odd smell, it smelt bitter, fresh, and clean all at the same time. The smell was somewhat pleasurable, and was very distinct. Every morning, in the resort, I woke up to the smell of it, which was something I definitely get used to. When my brother and I had wakened up five nights ago, we got a pleasant surprise. We would be headed to Cancun, Mexico.

This was the first time I have been on vacation near the Gulf, and it amazed me how beautiful it was, and how we got there in the first place. My mom wasn’t the one to do surprises, but when she did, it was a great one. After my great time in Cancun for five days, it was a very sad day. Although we were very relaxed at the buffet, my whole family was dreadful because this was the last day we would be on vacation in Cancun. The day had started off great. Every night we left the window open, so we could hear when the waves crashed against the sand, which is made me feel like I was in paradise because of the great sound when you’re asleep.

I was the first person up, so I decided to go outside and sit at our patio and watched and heard the sand roar against the fine white sand. In the distance, my eyes had started to fixate on something. I went inside, trying not to be loud to wake my mom and brother up, and grabbed my binoculars. I had hoped that whatever I saw had not disappeared. Luckily it had not, and when I saw what the object, I was amazed and shocked all at the same time. I had seen a dolphin! I freaked out because I had never seen something so cool like an animal in its natural habitat.

I rushed into the hotel room to wake up my mom, because I knew she would love seeing it. After about two minutes of her making excuses to try and not get out of bed, she finally budged and went out to the patio. When I handed her the binoculars, her jaw dropped. She said she has never seen something so beautiful, and that she was glad I woke her up. About five minutes later, my brother woke up from all the noise that my mom and I made, and we had gotten a call from my grandparents saying that they were ready to go eat breakfast, and that they were going to the buffet and would meet us there.

Besides the great weather and the views that amazed me, the buffet had been one of my favorite things during the trip. It had some great food, and also, had seats outside without windows, so we could enjoy our food while we looked over everything else happening at the resort. When my brother and I walked throughout the buffet, we could hear and smell all sorts of things, like kids screaming when they jumped into the pool, and the smell of delicious breakfast foods hit my nose with delight. After the five days, I learned that the resort just seemed to have a great environment.

My family and I then went to go eat at a table outside, so we could all the exciting things happening around the resort. After we settled down, we started to eat our food in peace. After we ate, we started talking about how fun the vacation has been so far. The amazing views, the great food, and the things you could do in the resort and out, like golfing and basketball, and you can’t forget, seeing the dolphin! There was so many interesting during this vacation, we couldn’t even remember them all. Then, after our great conversation, some bad news came.

My mom had told us that this was the last day we would be staying here. After hearing, that I became very upset and sad at the same time, it was not news I wanted to hear. My mom said, “Although we’re leaving, this vacation has been great. I’ve always wanted to go somewhere exotic. ” My grandma then said, “I wish this vacation didn’t end and that it wasn’t the last day. ” I then said in a sad tone, “One day down the road, we have to do again. ” A few hours later, we started packing up our bags, and got ready to head to the airport for our flight back.

I wasn’t in the best of moods, but after I boarded the plane, I thought about the vacation, and how great it was overall, and that I shouldn’t look at the downside of leaving. This day has been a big part of my life. It has ultimately been my favorite vacation so far, even though we couldn’t stay the rest of our lives. I also learned by being there how important family is, and how important it is when you’re with them. I don’t think I would have wanted to go with anyone else.