Personal Narrative: My Field Trip To Barter Theatre Essay

It was around six thirty in the morning, everyone was still extremely tired but also pretty excited. It was saturday May 24th and we were all heading to the Barter Theatre in Abingdon Virginia. This was a field trip for the eighth grade drama classes at both Thomas Harrison and Skyline. We had all gotten to the school at around six, six thirty and filled on to the bus. I sat in seat that was pretty much in middle of the bus I had Nicole next me and Gabby behind me. Then Naomi and Corin were across from us Hasham and Jake were behind them with Josh behind them.

The ride there wasn’t to eventful, it consisted mainly of me and Gabby sharing headphones to listen to music and then at times all of us talking. We had arrived at Barter at around eleven thirty. Once we got there we all went to this little cafe called Bob’s at Barter where had all pre ordered lunches. We all went in and got our food then went outside and sat down in a circle under some trees. Of course there were a ton of people running around and goofing off during this time so things got a little crazy.

For the most part we stayed somewhat calm, although we did make quite a mess eating iIm not even sure how but I’m pretty sure at one point we were throwing food at each other. I mean we were eighth grades what did you expect that’s what happens when you put a bunch of eighth grades to togther with very little supervision. After lunch we broke up into our groups which had been assigned. Each group had an adult with them so that they could keep track of everyone. I was with Nicole, Gabby, and Naomi, and we were with Nicole’s mom.

We decided to go into the little shop they had and look around for a little while. While there Naomi and I both bought these cute little magnets, I still have mine on the whiteboard on my door. After leaving the shop we were trying to find the guys so we could sit together during the play. We ended up finding them right before we left to into the theatre. Then we all went through these big brown doors that led to the theatre. Once we were there we all sat down and waited for the show to begin. The show we had gone to see was “The Wizard of OZ”.

The show was going great and we were all really enjoying it. Then we reached intermission, where some of us switched seats so that we could sit with different people for the second act. Once the show ended we were directed up to the balcony seating where we got to ask some of the actors questions about the show and about Barter. After this we split back up into our schools and then we were given tours of the Barter Theatre, we got to see their costume room, backstage, and many other neat places. Once everyone had gathered their things, used the bathroom and such we all loaded back onto the bus.

Of course we had all switched seats again, this time I was sitting with Jake. They had the movie “The Wizard of OZ” playing on the little televisions that they had on the bus, not many people were actually paying attention however most people were just tali mg. At some point during this time Jake had gotten up to go use the restroom and once he got up Gabby came over and stole his seat so then up until we stopped for I was sitting with Gabby. We had stopped for dinner at around the halfway point. We stopped at a Golden Corral, we ll got off the bus and went inside.

We had tried to find table big enough for all eight of us but the biggest we could find was six. So Gabby and Nicole ended up sitting at small table nearby. One Of my favorite parts of this night was when someone had commented on how we were all sitting around the table. I was cross from Jake, Naomi was across from Corin, and Josh was across from Hasham. Someone had walked up to us and said “Oh look it’s boo, bae, and gay! ” we all instantly started laughing. Actually Hashim was laughing so hard that he ended up spilling drink all over the floor. Im sure the people working at Golden Corral thought we were all crazy.

Then once everyone had finished their dinner, and Nicole had eaten a ton of cotton candy, we ll got blc onto the bus. Now it was starting to get lte and we were all excused and pretty bored since we nothing to do on the bus. Then out of nowhere Jake Pulls out a Rubix cube and tells everyone that he cans solve it in less than thirty seconds. So we all pass it around and shuffle it up, them several people start their timers and we all watch him as he solves it and he actually dissolve it in less than thirty seconds. WE were all pretty impressed considering majority of us couldn’t solve one all let alone in thirty seconds.

After he had solved it for us few more times we all pretty much died. It was around eleven and we were all extremely tired, the rest of the ride home several people fell asleep others just talked to the people they were sitting weight. I spent the rest of the ride quality talking to Jake. Then we finally got back to the school and we all trudged off the bus, barely awake then we found our parents and all went home. Once arriving back at my house I immediately went to bed. It had been a good day, and a great field trip. Spending the day with friends and going to see a play, it was the perfect mix.