Personal Narrative: My Myers-Briggs Personality Essay

Step-1 My Authentic Happiness Inventory score is 3. 92. My MyersBriggs Personality Test type is ESTJ. I am more of extrovert rather than introvert. I believe more in logical sense rather than going for the intuition. I focus more on thinking rather than giving importance to feeling on something. And, I analyze facts and rely on judgment rather than perceiving on something on a direct basis. Hence, I can be an efficient administrator. I am more in touch with the external environment. I can be a very responsible individual and hence, I could handle all the tasks easily. Extraversion As far as Active Learning Skills Inventory was concerned, there were different dimensions taken into the consideration.

The scores for these different dimensions were different. For, avoiding interruption, my score was 9. For maintaining interest my score was 7. For postponing evaluation my score was 7. For, organizing information my score was 5. For showing interest my score was 5. The average listening score for me was 33, while the average score among a sample of MBA students was 27. 9. And, finally, for the emotional intelligence quiz, my score was 75. Sensing I can remain punctual and thereby will finish all the tasks within the given deadlines. I am more of self-confident by nature that will help me to do any assigned tasks and responsibilities. I am outgoing and social and hence can get easily mix with other people around me. I do not like to stay alone and hence will be always looking out for one or the other company in my life. • Thinking With the given score of 9, I try to listen actively to what the speaker is speaking about and will then interrupt him. I shall ask questions only after he finishes with his job.

With a score of 7,1 try to maintain my interest in what the speaker is speaking about. In addition, I remain more focused and do not disturb my attention from the speaker. • Judgment For the given results of ESTJ, it seems that I am more focused toward my career. I already have pre-plans with me regarding what to do in my career. I can easily organize all the information and can even remain stable while maintaining them. I am attention seeking individual and feel fearless regarding any given job. However, I can be little aggressive toward the work approach, which other people may not like in the given environment.

I follow rules and hence might act as strict with others. As per these characteristics, I can be a business consultant, office manager, Executive, CEO, management consultant or any other professional in the field of management. As far as postponing evaluation is concerned, I lack in certain skills on evaluating the speaker. However, I do keep my mind open during such occasions. I am an average individual when it comes to organizing speaker’s sentences into meaningful categories. While speaker is speaking I do sometimes lack interest in what he speaks about.

And, thus | avoid displaying of the nonverbal gestures. Step-2 Listening skills are very much important for any given role in an organization (DuBrin, 2013; Bennis, 2009). We need to attentively listen to what the speaker is speaking about. We need to arrange his words into meaningful categories. As far as my majors is concerned, I need to analyze all the given information and try to bring out the best possible results with the help of my emotional intelligence. I need to inculcate values of professionalism so that I can succeed in my career and can accordingly achieve the dreams of my career.

Strengths My personal managerial philosophy weighs more on leadership and innovation. Leadership is a process in which it first gathers the masses together and then influences all of them through different courses of action, so that they get encouraged to move toward a common goal. I break down leadership further into various aspects. These include – leadership style, characteristics of a leader, behavior of leader in a team, the extent to which the followers follow their leader, and the effectiveness of leadership.

I believe that, it is important to think about the followers or the members of a team who will follow their respective leader. They need to obey the guidelines of the leader and thereby, work within the given framework (Bethel & Sheila, 1990; Thahier, Ridjal, & Risani, 2014). But, they should be given the rights to express their views and opinions over any subject of matter, so that, the leader and the senior management can look into it and can thereby take decisions accordingly.

At the same time, it is important to consider the environment variables which can play a bigger role in enhancing the effectiveness of a leader (Adebayo & Udegbe, 2004). Soft skills should be imparted into training for each and every employee, including the one who is going to lead the team (Amabile et al. , 1996). Open communication, fair discussion, expressing one’s concern, looking at the timeframe and determining the strategy are some of the skills and practices, which I would like to inculcate in my approach to work.

I have found my strategic plans useful, since they are designed with a view to – (i) complete the project within the given time (ii) utilize all the resources optimistically (iii) delivering the several phases of the project by aligning to the needs of the people (iv) maintaining the cash flow balances in order to avoid any sort of crisis in between the work (v) providing effective teams for achieving high performance in the project and (vi) complying with all the specifications and guidelines of the governmental agencies that are related to such projects.

I have recognized that, customer satisfaction will definitely improve with continuous quality improvement, and hence, I have identified certain key parameters related to it. These include – (i) Collaborative and support amongst all (ii) a culture of transparency (iii) improvised communication (iv) presence of not only qualified professionals but also better technologies (V) open discussion amongst all the staff members (vi) encouragement by providing growth and appreciation (vii) visible leadership (viii) top-management involvement in providing promotions and better opportunities to the staff of the given medical organization and (ix) valuing the staff contribution.

All these will actually create an environment that are not only helping me to improve my working practices, but are also making me learn the approaches of Leadership and Management. Weaknesses On the basis of scores obtained in the Myers-Briggs Personality Test, there are certain aspects that need improvement. Due to certain limitations of my irrationality I have found that, my perception and my given personal context are impacting my ability to make good decisions. I always prefer to those things that come to my mind quickly.

And, hence, I even take decisions quicker rather than analyzing and comparing it with the future possible outcomes. I have also experienced that, some of my decisions in the past were taken either due to underestimating the given variable or due to calculation mistakes in estimating my own success. I also compared to some of the things that were actually out of context, and due to which the ultimate result was an irrational decision on my part. I am still lacking leadership skills and qualities, which I suppose are there with my superiors and senior management.

In order to improve upon these skills, I need to develop the necessary technical skills and abilities, so that I become efficient and self-reliable in my job roles. I need to solve issues by discussing it with my supervisors, top-level management, and other leaders of the organization. For this purpose, I can utilize self-assessment instruments and other evaluation methods. I need to create an emotional bond amongst all, so that it will help in creating a healthy work environment.