Personal Narrative: The Four Skillful Brothers Essay

The Four Skillful Brothers ” Boys, you are going into the city to learn how to trade and I don’t want any complaints ! ” bellowed father. “What, that is absurd! ” screamed my youngest brother Eli” Have you, gone crazy old man! ” yelled my first brother Jake while my second brother ranted about how he knew father never loved us and that this day was coming the day that father was going to kick us out and that was when I finally yelled. ”

Shut up, all of you! ” but it didn’t stop there” if this old man we call our father want us to go out and learn to trade that is what we will do we are brave and we stand up for what we think is right! I was in the corner trying to control my anger so that I didn’t lash out on one of my younger brothers. But after hours of arguing he finally got us to go into town where my brothers and leach met a man who taught us their ways of trade. The eldest of the men taught me how to be a thief and that is exactly what I became a person who took things from other people. My first brother Jake had been taught to become an astronomer . Blake my second brother had been taught to be a huntsman. While Eli our youngest brother had become a tailor.

Since we had learned our different ways of trade we had gone back home and our father had tested us. He had asked Jake to see how many eggs were up in a bird’s nest that at in a tree. He had used his telescope to look and he look father in the eye and grunted with a nasty glare ” Five” as if father had done something worse that just send us out into the city. That old man then asked me to steal all five eggs from that nest and I did without the mother bird was || proud of it no. I even went up to him and snarled with a glare that would put you six-feet under.

You act , as if you are proud of us father why” and I didn’t stop I pushed it further“Would you be proud of us if we came back home monsters that destroyed houses and people life for a living father? ” “No. ” he whispered. “So why are you proud of us now? ” I questioned. “Because you didn’t become monsters did you? ” he responded. After our “little” conversation he had asked Blake to shoot one arrow through the five egg while they were lined up and he did when they went through you could see how proud he was of himself. father” had then told Eli to sew the shell and the chicks with in the shell bake together so that when I put the back in the nest the only sign when they hatched was a piece of red string around their necks. It had been a few day after our test and my brothers and I were ignoring our father while we were sitting in the living room of our cottage with an awkward atmosphere.

When Eli finally piped up. ” Father, why did you send us out into the city to learn how to trade? ” he had questioned and father responded. ” Because, I see no reason why you children should not know your own unique ways of trade and the way you want to do them. and we sat there in silence not a single one of us speaking. (Time skip few days brought to you by Harry Potter) It had been a few days since we had sat in living room with no one talking. Things had changed Eli was not the happy boy we once knew he was now as silent as a rock didn’t say a thing to a single one of us. Blake was mopy all the time and his anger was worse than an a bull’s. But jake was worse he had went into depression and wouldn’t come out of his room and at night you could hear him weep in his room.

But today was different Eli was happy once again, Blake wasn’t angry anymore, and Jake wasn’t in his room crying. We were all outside on the porch well all of us except father. When we had heard the bell of the castle ringing. One time. Two times. Three times. That had meant we were being attacked. My brothers and I had saddled our horses and rode off into town. When we had got into town we had seen houses on fire and people running around. After we saw what we had seen there was no going back we knew we had to help. So we rode off further into the city and saw the evil dragon Ryujin kidnapping the princess.

We had set out to rescue her. Jake had used his telescope to see where she was being held captive and asked for a ship to reach the destination. Blake when we had gotten there had refused to shoot afraid to hit the princess. So I went up to her and stole her away without the dragon noticing. We had set sail home but Ryujin had followed “Raaar” Ryujin had screeched so Blake had shot him but when he went down he crashed the boat into pieces like it was as fragile as glass. We would have never thought that our younger brother Eli would have saved us especially by sewing a boat back together.

When we had got home the king didn’t know which one of us to give the princess to so he had given us part if the kingdome which we thought was better than quarreling over the princess. After we had settled into our new kingdom and got comfortable we were eating dinner me eating Rosenkohl in Bier Gedunstet when a servant had came running in saying that we had so get ready. We had asked why and he panted. “It’s happened again” and ran off so we got ready and out horses were already saddled my brothers were in their armor with me being in a black suite with our family crest and we set off. My name is Amory and this is my story.