Persuasive Speech On Animal Therapy Essay

When we fall in love at a glance, we should ask ourselves… can we clean up after it? Can we feed it? Will it keep us up all night long? Then at the second, third and fourth glance… how much does it cost? Am I responsible enough? What kind of breed is it? This is the very first step in finding a pet; an animal that we, as humans, can share a mutually beneficial and powerful bond with. A bond that is so extreme, so loving, that your own pet becomes your best friend, your rock and even your whole world. Everyone is after that special companion to go home to, so here I ask today, why can’t that be an animal?

The connection between humans and animals is one of the most fundamental bonds that human beings can experience. Currently, we are connecting with animals in ways that are essential to our health and well being. For example, the U.S Department of Veteran Affairs run a program for war veterans who are dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder. This program entitles that victims of PTSD are given ownership of an emotional support dog….

Every week PAT dogs and cats give more than 130 thousand people, both young and old, the pleasure to cuddle and talk to them. The charity is specific to venues where isolation is felt, in attempt to allow these people to let down their barriers and be around animals that give undemanding, unconditional love. Furthermore, the charity’s Read2Dogs program helps children in classroom settings improve their reading ability by helping to increase their confidence and enjoyment of reading. There are endless amounts of programs and charities that are specific to animals assisting YOUR well being… but why leave it up to a charity? The next time you wonder, “how much is that puppy dog in the window?” think about what it can do for you, not what you have to do for…