Project Almanac Movie Analysis Essay

A movie is something that everyone can sit down and enjoy. All types of ages are able to watch a movie. The movie that| evaluated was Project Almanac. This movie was about a boy named David, who is crazy smart who dreams of going to MIT. In the movie the main character David, stumbles upon secret plans of his late father’s. In these plans it includes a device to build which turns out to be a time machine. David and his friends then get to work to build this so called time machine. After many trials and errors they get the time machine to actually work.

There were many consequences to building the time machine. You would just have to watch the movie to find out what they were. The whole movie was based on camerawork from the main character’s point of view. It made it confusing in parts, but it made me feel like you were actually there in the movie. There were many categories that can be considered for evaluating a movie. The ones I have chosen are Family Friendly, Language, Characters, Entertainment Value, and Dialogue. These categories help make up a movie, and all of these categories help form your opinion.

The first thing that was evaluated was how family friendly this movie was. After the movie ended it seemed that not all members of a family could fully sit down and watch this. The movie contained a lot of alcohol, bad language, and some violent images in it. It had many more parts that are not appropriate for all viewers. To say the least a five year old should not be watching this at least until they are a little bit older. This movie may not be family friendly but it was very interesting to watch and it kept my attention.

It was made for more of a mature audience. Language can be a big thing for some people when looking for a good movie to watch. Does it contain foul or appropriate language? In this movies case it does contain language. The characters let a bad word fly, but it’s not bad word after bad word. The rating for this movie is PG-13. This makes sense as to why there are some inappropriate words and scenes in the movie. The third category is characters. There were a total of five main characters in the movie that were obviously easy to spot.

David the main character in the movie, along with his sister Christina, his two best friends Adam and Quinn, and the final character Jessie a girl who David has a crush on. The personalities of each character were distinctive and very unpredictable in many parts of the movie. For example, one of the main characters Christina was a cool girl who you liked to video what her brother David was doing. Her character trait came off if you hurt me I’ll hurt you right back. The movie is more engaging to watch when there isn’t boring characters just saying and doing random boring things.

The characters in a movie are what make a movie good. This is a very important category to keep in mind when you want to pick out a movie to watch. Creativity is what a movie is made of. Is it creative enough to catch the viewer’s attention and keep their focus on the movie? In this movies case I would give it a lot of credit for creativity. What’s more creative than building a time machine and using it to go back in time? The imagination in this movie is impressive. I would give it four stars for creativity. Entertainment value is another key point to watching a movie.

In the movie there is so much happening that it’s hard not to pay attention too. This could be a good thing or a bad thing for some people. Someone might miss something important in the movie if there is too much going on, but you don’t want the movie going slow and not catching the attention of movie viewers. Project Almanac was a very engaging movie to watch. I would have to say it was one of my favorite science fiction/ fantasy films. It went at a nice pace to fully understand what was happening. Dialogue is what makes the movie come to life. It is a major thing to a movie; it creates the movie as a whole.

The main characters in the movie carry on casual conversations. For example, in the movie when they were building the time machine David would tell his friends what to do, just a simple casual conversation going on. Which is what happens in a movie; people talk to one another and interact. Without dialogue it would be a silent and boring movie. All together I really enjoyed watching Project Almanac. There were parts that I liked and disliked about the movie. What | found that I liked a lot about the movie is that they built a time machine and actually went back in time.

That would be so awesome to do and I can’t imagine anyone ever achieving this great of a thing. Things I disliked about the movie were how the whole time it was shot in the point of the view from a video camera. In a way it kind of made me dizzy to watch until I got used to it. But other than that the movie kept me on my toes and kept me guessing as to what would happen next. I would recommend this movie to anyone that wants a good movie to watch. Overall, I would give Project Almanac four out of five stars.