Pros And Cons Of Independency And Revolutionary War Essay

The American of independency or the revolutionary war was make a big difference when to built the strong nation with sustainable of democracy in human history in this world. All about the independency war and revolutionary war can be briefly explained by Zinn from the chapter Tyranny is Tyranny in a people’s history of the United States book. “All men are createdequal” though practical needs gave women a certain authority in the home, on the farm, or in occupation like midwifery, they were simply over looked in any consideration of political rights, any nations of civic equality (Zinn 73).

They created the most effective system of national control devised in modern times, and showed future generations of leaders the advantages of combining paternalism with command (Zinn 59). As a matter of fact, this circumstance has been put this great nation on the top of the world politics, economic, and good government of social classes. Particularly, the skyrocket of unaired of properties sharing of wealthy between rich and poor society.

From the chapter A kind of revolution by Zinn, It is incredible to realized that “…But the farmer’s who enlisted in the revolution and expected to get something out of it found that, as privates in the army, they received $ 6. 66 a month, while a colonel received $ 75 a month (Zinn 85). In as much as, new landholders were brought into the privileged circle of the revolution and seemed politically under control. In contrast to, the new bills of rights had modifying provisions.

For example, North Carolina was providing for religious freedom. As a result, there were more contracted servants than ever, and the revolution “did nothing to end and little to ameliorate white bondage (Zinn 84). I wondering, it was this hammer and tongs on creating the 25 percent of the population fear of slave revolts grew. The malicious and important speeches of some among the lower classes of white have induced them to believe that their freedom depended on the success of the king’s troops.

We cannot therefore, be too vigilant nor too rigorous with those who promote and encourage this disposition in our slaves (Zinn 82). After all, the frustration and the unconsciousness of the slave owner’s that comes to sight to delusion in documents which present American history make us to considered over the founders’ became apparent in the celebrations surrounding the fiftieth anniversary of independence. In cities, towns, and villages across the country Americans congratulated themselves on “Freedoms Jubilee”. Many of the jubilee speakers in both irections of the nation called for current generation to fulfill what the founders had only promised (H. W Brands).

To be sure, the discrimination has played an important role in motivates the founder to march the long ways. I agree with H. W Brands that the mere idea of slave owners declaiming about liberty seemed the height of hypocrisy to a generation crusading for civil right and taught to detect phoniness at five hundred paces, because the old icons never entirely lose their appeal women, members of minority groups, and ordinary people displaced the founders.

In the chapter, a kind of revolution Zinn allocated some points, when the economy interests is seen behind the political clauses of the constitution, then the document becomes not simply the work of wise men trying to establish a decent and orderly society, but the work of certain groups trying to maintain their privileges, while gives just enough rights and liberties to enough of the people to ensure popular support.

I agree with Zinn how the constitution become more acceptable and playing a big role on the radical changes of the societies of forethoughts and the radical changes of social integration of political, economic, and booms of technologies (Zinn 99). I believe, the constitution is the corner stone of the freedom for all Americans as heavenly opportunities especially for the minorities of black and Indians American.

To continuing the tradition of our strength of the proudness of the revolutionary war and the independency war leaves a lot of legacy to accomplishment for this generation of blessing for American. Therefore, I believe, the accountability of every Americans’ must be have a big responsibility on considering and keeping the legacy of their ancestors similarly to built a good history for better society in American.