Right To Freedom Of Speech Analysis Essay

Freedom of speech is one that can change a country and has the ability to influence a large audience. Newspapers are very powerful in this way. A newspaper has the power to; scare, relax give hope, inspire and much more. They have the power to change. Freedom and the fight for rights has sparked many events sometimes violent in France’s past and present history. Freedom affects the whole of France including Corsica especially those living in densely populated areas.

Freedom is part of Human rights, however, countries all over the world decided different levels of freedom of speech and when it crosses to hate speech. What is the history of France that has attributed to France’s freedom of speech. What is Australia’s attitude to Freedom of Speech? And what are my beliefs on Freedom of speech. France’s history has shaped their values and their importance of freedom of speech through the public views. France’s national motto “Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite” meaning liberty, equality and brotherhood.

This stems from the french revolution. Equality was eventually main outcome of the French Revolution; everyone should be equal and therefore has the right to express their views it is up to the receiver to ignore if they are offended Napoleon Bonaparte insisted in freedom of speech however as he censored all newspapers the french really wanted freedom of speech. “There is a fundamental difference.. between freedom of impertinence and anti semitism, racism, apology for terroism and holocaust denial..

Freedom is speech is a huge part of the declaration of rights that was a consequence of the french revolution. French holds great importance in freedom of speech as it is part of a national identityil va montrer la force et la dignite du peuple francais, il sera crier leur amour de la liberte et de la tolerance” “it will show the strength and dignity of the french people it will shout their love of freedom and tolerance”. Manuel Valls after the Charlie Hebdo attack. /5 of the population believed the pictures should not have been published if they were insulting to muslim communities however in australia the magazine could also have been allowed to be published as it is religious mocking. Many others were angry that people who had supporting the killings by posts on social media were condemned to prison or fines. However this is where france disguised between freedom of speech or killing threatneing to kill which comes under terroism. Freedom of speech is very important to France however is it more so than Australia.

AUstralia too believes in freedom of speech however only as long as it is not bigotry as shown in recent ANZAC events. Australia’s policies on freedom of speech differ to frances’ with less laws against terroism however more laws against freedom sf speech to try to establish relationsihips between cultures and avoid terroist attacks counteract. Australia does not hold as much national value for freedom of speech it has more restrictiive views although .

Australia laws of 18c have tried to be changed however, campaigns of call freedom of speech allowing bigotry or hat speech. however as … uggests hate speech will be liked by a small minority and therefore the company will go bankrupt or not control itself it is when threatens to terroism that it has gone to far. although In addition, under article 19(3) freedom of expression may be limited as provided for by law and when necessary to protect the rights or reputations of others, national security, public order, or public health or morals. Limitations must be prescribed by legislation necessary to achieve the desired purpose and proportionate to the need on which the limitation is predicated. france has laws of reedom of speech to…. Australian journalist scot mcintyre Comparison Australia Freedom of Speech and France public through events, public and personal views. , published this on twitter. For this he was sacked by sbs, as they believed he would not be respected anymore.

As france expresses nationalism through freedom of speech australia expresses it through Anzac day and scott strong view against anzac day was not tolerated even though it was not racist or expressing terroism. Public opinions are divided over freedom of speech to what extent? as well as how to treat difference.. reedom of speech is different to rasism violence and denial of faults terroism on facebook as well lots of opposition to people put in prison for speaking but these cases have always had terroism aspects deathh I believe strongly with freedom of speech as i believe it does not physically harm or maim someone. obviously there is always a limit however i do not believe violence is ever justifiable my views have been shaped by living .

Especially if it is a joke “no one can be molested for their opinions even religious ones doesn’t mean racism physically hurt , disadvantage, maim. it is simply an expression of someones views. ll countries have limitations to freedom of speech country can chose to ignore not vote for bankrupt those businesses so hate speech does not occur Freedom of speech is a human right but many countries do not honour this even in small unimportant situations, and a difference on ideas can lead to violent conflicts. France was influenced by the french revolution and the recent je suis charlie. terroist attacks from a comic strip! I think any opinion is valid if the oppossing side may have a say and it does not hurt people. However jokes are jokes and not meant to be taken seriously.