Reflective Essay On Starting Weight

My objective is to lose six pounds in three weeks. To measure and track process I will weigh myself before the three week; starting weight 212 pounds, date March 25 2016, also weigh in at the end of each week. The rules to follow during this time of change are as follows: no eating after 6 at night, no missing breakfast, drinking at least 60 ounces of water a day, no chips, sodas or bad carbs.

Wish me luck! Week One: 3/25 Starting Weight 212 pounds 4/1 Ending Weight 210. pounds During week one I did not reached my weekly goal of two pounds lost, by a few ounces, the reason the goal was not achieved is because I cheated and had pizza for lunch two out of seven days and I also broke down and had some soda. The obstacles I encountered was temptation and it got the best of me I usually have lunch with my work team and the first two days of the week where when I ate pizza on the third day I told one of my work friends the goals I had set and she supported me in the choosing of a healthier alternative to pizza.

The way in which I developed a new support structure was by informing my teammates know about my goals they would keep my in track and would give me an extra cheer when I was close to giving into temptation. The plan is to remain the same so far it has worked. The factor that was most apparent was the support of my family and friends the great positive energy they bring made this week fly bye. Skills attained that definitely helped were building knowledge, being conscientious of what I ate and how much I ate versus how much I exercised also assessing myself.

This week was a bit stressful because I was in my head a lot an over thinking my choices in food and sort of punishing myself for making some wrong choices so I dealt with the stress by walking it out of my system and also by talking a few minutes to breath. The fitness project definitely guided me in the right direction for exercise when it comes to the nutrition project I’ll be honest that is not yet in the works perhaps at the end of the next week. At this time I am sticking to one goal in fitness and health I do not want to put too much on my plate. Week Two: 4/1 Starting Weight 210. pounds 4/8 Ending Weight 207. 6 pounds During this week I exceeded my weekly goal.

This goal was achieved because there were no slip ups which means no soda or pizza just a lot of treadmills and stair steppers. During Wednesday I hit a bit of a wall my attitude was not great partly due to the fact I did not eat breakfast and ate lunch at about 2 in the afternoon I was tempted to go to McDonalds but I overcame the temptation by just thinking of all the hard work that I put in at the gym and by cleaning up my eating habits didn’t want to throw all of that away.

The plan stays the same there have been no slip ups if anything add more vegetables in my diet and take out the fruits that are is high in sugar. This week was easier overall than week one my attitude got a little testy but I was hangry (Hungryl Angry) and self motivation kicked in when in all honesty it could have all gone down in flames of self doubt but I powered through. For now there are no other goals we will see by the end of next week. Week Three: 4/8 Starting Weight 207. 6 pounds 4/15 Ending Weight 206 pounds

Yes the end of week three and final goal has been met a round of applause and high fives all around. I think I achieved my goal this week because instead of being hungry for pizza which as if you couldn’t already tell is my favorite food I was focused on my goal and that finish line. This week was easy breezy no obstacles in sight self doubt did not kick in and all went better than I hoped for. Support structure stays the same my family and my friends are my metaphorical backbone they hold me up and cheer me on there is no better support than the one they bring.

For next time I think go in with a strong and clear easy to follow plan and not to get discouraged if one little piece of the plan fall apart. I set a goal and kept to it everyday, I monitored what I ate and established a timed eating schedule and checked my attitude as needed. This project helped me make set a goal make a plan and execute it,where there bumps along the way yes, but I also have a newfound appreciation for my support structure.

Conclusions: At the beginning of this project I thought it would be easy, I mean how hard is it to set a goal, make a plan and actually stick to it, the only problem is that I am a procrastinator and also tend to not follow thru on plans on occasion, we can attribute this to the fact that I have a scattered brain at time. The first week was definitely the hardest temptation is everywhere, I never really noticed how much advertisements, billboards and magazine spreads have fast food/ unhealthy food on them, I had a few slip ups but I started to buckle down and by the end of the week my work seemed to pay off.

The second week was much better Wednesday was pretty crazy yet I got thru it after that it was smooth sailing. The third week was the best I had my routine down breakfast, work, lunch, work, gym, dinner by six and relax, bedtime at 10 pm then get up and do it all over again until Friday weigh in. This project helped me realise two things first I have the best support system a girl could ask for second no matter the goal or obstacle that is set before me I can dominate.