Romeo And Juliet Critique Paper

Romeo and Juliet is a classic love story that has been retold in many different ways. One of the most recent interpretations is the movie released in 2013.

While the movie does stay true to the original story, there are some aspects that could have been done better. For example, the characters seem very one-dimensional and their motivations are not always clear. Additionally, the setting is not very believable and does not do justice to the beautiful landscape of Verona.

Overall, Romeo and Juliet is a decent interpretation of the classic story, but it could have been executed better.

From Wuthering Heights to Pretty Woman, there have been several romantic films in the past as well as now. However, the tale of Romeo and Juliet is one of the most romantic films ever made. It’s safe to say that most people are familiar with this narrative. A pair so determined on remaining together were tragically torn apart by their fighting families because to their stubbornness. Today, a new director has been hired who attempts to retell this Shakespearean drama using his own touches of intrigue.

How does Romeo and Juliet the Movie compare to the classic play? The movie Romeo and Juliet is set in the modern day with updated costumes and technology. The prologue of the movie is spoken by a narrator, who sets up the story. We are quickly introduced to the Montagues and Capulets, two feuding families. Romeo, a Montague, falls in love with Juliet, a Capulet, at first sight.

Unfortunately for Romeo and Juliet, their love is forbidden because of the family feud. Despite this, they continue to meet in secret and fall deeper in love. Eventually, Romeo is banished from Verona and told to never return. Desperate to be together, Romeo and Juliet take their own lives.

While the general story line remains the same, there are some key differences between Romeo and Juliet the Movie and the classic play. One of the most notable differences is the addition of a scene where Romeo and Juliet meet before they actually meet at the party. In this scene, Romeo is trying to steal Juliet’s necklace off her balcony and she catches him.

They have a brief conversation before Romeo runs away. This scene is significant because it gives Romeo and Juliet a chance to interact with each other before they even know who each other are. It also foreshadows their future meeting at the party.

Another difference is that in the movie, Romeo Montague is portrayed as a bit of a bad boy. He is shown getting into fights and being reckless. In the classic play, Romeo is more of a sensitive and romantic character. This change in Romeo’s character might be due to the director’s attempt to appeal to a younger audience.

Despite these differences, Romeo and Juliet the Movie still remains true to the original story. The overall message of the movie is that love conquers all. Even though Romeo and Juliet come from two different families who are enemies, their love for each other is stronger than anything else. This timeless message is what makes Romeo and Juliet such a classic story. Whether you watch the movie or read the play, Romeo and Juliet is sure to tug at your heartstrings.

This director employs modern language in his adaptation of the play. This director sets the plot in contemporary times while utilizing the same dialogue as Shakespeare. The film Romeo and Juliet offers twentieth-century viewers a taste of a new and mysterious flavor to this well-known love tale.

As anticipated, the location of Romeo and Juliet was totally different from previous settings. However, this setting was not necessarily set in terms of how people live today. The tale was set more fantastically than ever before. Because of the environment, audience members were less affected by the deaths in this film than they were by prior films

The Romeo and Juliet in this movie were less loving than the Romeo and Juliet’s of the past. They did not seem to be as into each other as they should have been. It was more like a physical attraction than love. This could be due to the setting and how unreal it all seemed. The Romeo and Juliet of the past seemed to truly be in love with each other while the Romeo and Juliet of this movie did not.

The movie, Romeo and Juliet, was not as good as the old movies. It did not have the same feeling or emotion that the old movies had. The new setting made it all seem fake and unbelievable. The acting was not as convincing as it could have been either. Because of all these reasons, Romeo and Juliet, the movie, was not a good rendition of the Romeo and Juliet story.

The scene preceding Mercutio’s death, which was supposed to be a beautiful one, seems to have been disrupted. An abandoned stage on a sandy beach does not seem to fit together well. The setting appeared quite forced. Also, the moment when one of the Montagues died at a gas station did not appear as sad as it would if any other individual perished. This was the first scene in the play, therefore spectators may have been distracted by the conversation and therefore didn’t pay attention to Mercutio’s death too much.

The death of Romeo and Juliet also could have been more powerful if it was not in a church. The scene where Romeo kills Paris lacked the feeling that Romeo had finally avenged Mercutio’s death. It just seemed like Romeo killed another person. Furthermore, Friar Lawrence’s letter to Romeo felt very sudden and did not seem realistic. The movie also rushed through some parts which made it difficult to understand what was happening.

For instance, after Romeo and Juliet died, there was a scene of Benvolio and Friar Laurence where they were talking about something but the dialogue was so fast that it was hard to know what they were saying. Overall, the movie lacked emotion and passion. The setting, dialogue and scenes were not well put together which made it difficult to understand and appreciate the story.

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