Fate Is To Blame For The Death Of Romeo And Juliet Essay

Romeo and Juliet has been around for a long time; it is a story we all know and love. Romeo and Juliet die, but who is to blame? Some people may say Romeo because he kills Paris, or even Romeo himself. However, I believe Romeo did not deserve the blame at all. I think Romeo was too young to handle such responsibility, Romeo’s age influenced his decisions, and Romeo never stopped loving Juliet. Romeo didn’t begin the play as a murderer. He came to the party with Benvolio because he wanted to meet Rosaline again. Romeo also danced with two other girls at the party, Pertruchio’s lover, Katherine, and another girl named Margaret.

Romeo was “in an extravagant mood”, which means he wasn’t attending the party for any bad reason (Shmoop Editors). Romeo had no idea Paris would be there until after Mercutio started fighting with him; Romeo even asks for help from Benvolio in the fight. Romeo only kills Tybalt in defense; when Tybalt comes running up, Romeo blocks Tybalt’s sword with his arm and Romeo’s sword comes up, stabbing Tybalt. Romeo kills Romeo because he believed Juliet was already dead when Romeo found her by the tomb.

In Romeo and Juliet 1. , Romeo stated “In fair Verona, where we lay our scene” which means Romeo didn’t see any violence at all before he came to the party (Shmoop Editors). This means Romeo did not have a violent background that influenced him into killing Paris. Romeo is a young man who lacks experience in life. Shakespeare wrote Romeo as a teenager who thinks too much about love and doesn’t know how the real world works yet. When Romeo talks about leaving for Mantua in act 2, scene 3 of Romeo and Juliet, Romeo says “I’ll go along, no such sight to be shown, / But to rejoice in splendour of my own.

This shows Romeo thinks he is perfect and does not need experience. Romeo is too young and immature to handle the responsibility of killing Tybalt; Romeo’s age influenced his decisions (Shmoop Editors). Romeo never stopped loving Juliet. In act 3 scene 5 when Romeo talks about sleeping forever with Juliet: This shows Romeo loves Juliet and only wants her back. Romeo would do anything for love and doesn’t care what happens or who gets hurt; Romeo’s decision for what to do proves this (Shmoop Editors). I think Shakespeare didn’t want Romeo as the murderer.

Romeo is a character who started out innocent and ended up dead; Romeo didn’t want to kill anyone (Shmoop Editors). Romeo wasn’t the murderer, but Romeo couldn’t control his decisions because Romeo was too young. Romeo’s age influenced Romeo’s decisions and Romeo never stopped loving Juliet. Romeo killed Paris in self defense and he accidentally kills himself with poison thinking Juliet is already dead. Shakespeare didn’t want Romeo as the murderer, so this proves Romeo wasn’t to blame for the deaths of Paris and himself at all.

Romeo And Juliet is an early tragedy by William Shakespeare about two young “star-cross’d lovers”[1]. Romeo Montague and Juliet Capulet are teenage cousins, thus their family’s long foes; Romeo was at a costume party where he first saw his love interest, Juliet. Both Romeo and Juliet were unaware that they were related by marriage through their feuding families, the Montagues and the Capulets. Romeo discovered this truth too late, after visiting her to keep up appearances initially as friends; Romeo had no idea that she was the one he had fallen for at first sight.

Romeo then overhears Juliet’s father telling her plan to marry Paris in three days time, so Romeo concocts a plan with his servants to secretly marry Romeo and Juliet before she is married to Paris. Romeo goes back to his mother, who unbeknownst of Romeo’s plans, had planned on him marrying Juliet’s cousin, Rosaline. Romeo leaves for the Capulet house the next morning dressed as a servant where he marries Juliet secretly before anyone could stop it; Romeo gets caught after trying to leave by Lady Capulet and is brought in front of her husband Lord Capulet after Romeo talks disparaging about Romeo’s family.

Romeo defends his love towards Juliet with high regard not caring about their respective families’ hatred for each other since he thinks that their marriage was sanctioned by God himself. The events then lead into setting up the wedding between Romeo and Juliet which both families are invited too; however, Lord Escalus and Romeo’s father needed to discuss Romeo and his friend Mercutio fighting with Tybalt, the kinsman of the Prince.

Romeo doesn’t attend as he had plans to meet Juliet so Romeo sends his friends Benvolio and Mercutio in his place. Romeo gets delayed infatuated with Rosaline as she still is on Romeo’s mind so Romeo kisses her as an act of love towards Rosaline, which triggers Romeo getting angered at seeing Juliet with Paris. Romeo picks a fight upon Paris for this which leads into Romeo being banished by Escalus who was supposed to uphold peace between the families not cause more problems.

With banishment looming over Romeo he decides to leave Verona altogether but before doing asks Friar Laurence for a Romeo and Juliet Romeo And Juliet essay/ Romeo And Juliet paper help as Romeo is worried that he will never see Juliet again. With Romeo gone Paris schedules a morning wedding with Romeo’s now wife, Juliet. Romeo returns from Mantua early to Verona where he was followed by his servant Balthasar who had been sent by Friar Laurence to flee Verona with Romeo until the ‘present troubles’ die down.

Balthasar arrives at the Capulet house only for him to tell Romeo of Paris being married with no one knowing how he knew this news so quickly even though it was only a couple hours after the wedding since Romeo was still in Mantua when it occurred. This angered Romeo as he believed that they were all conspiring against Romeo to keep him away from Juliet, Romeo then decides that they should burn down the Capulet house with Juliet inside.

Romeo is stopped by Balthasar who had gotten stabbed in Romeo’s arm during their fight upon Romeo mentioning burning houses down; Romeo ultimately abandons his friend leaving him to die of blood loss. Romeo does not care for his friends at all since he doesn’t even check on them once before leaving them for dead multiple times within the play. Romeo returns to Verona after seeing Friar Laurence getting sent into exile due to Romeo being married without anyone knowing it.

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