Why Is Romeo To Blame For The Deaths

Romeo and Juliet are two lovers whose deaths have been attributed to the actions of several people who stood in between their love. The decision by Romeo’s father to exile Romeo after he kills Tybalt is considered a major reason for Romeo’s suicide because Romeo now knows that he can never be with his true love, Juliet. Romeo also blames the events of the play on Romeo’s friend Paris, who simply decides to marry Juliet after Romeo kills himself.

Lady Capulet is also blamed for Romeo’s suicide because she forces Juliet to marry Paris. Romeo blames Benvolio for bringing Romeo back to Verona knowing that Romeo would never be able to see Juliet again. Many critics say that Lord and Lady Montague share some of the blame as well since they are poor parents who allow their children to run free without any supervision or guidance.

The characters may argue over who is truly responsible for Romeo and Juliet’s deaths, but it is impossible to pinpoint one specific person at fault. Although Romeo would not have killed Tybalt if his father had not exiled him, he probably would have ended up killing himself anyways. If Romeo had not killed Paris then Juliet would have died of grief when Romeo killed himself. Romeo was too young and impulsive to be able to deal with his problems alone, which is why Romeo’s friends blamed themselves for his death.

Romeo’s parents are also to blame because they did not know how Romeo felt about Juliet so they probably could have prevented all events in the play from happening if they simply paid attention to their son. Lady Capulet is also at fault because she forced Juliet into marrying Paris after Romeo committed suicide. These characters are all responsible for some aspect of Romeo and Juliet’s deaths, but it is nearly impossible to determine one specific person who caused their murders or suicides.

Romeo and Juliet is a tragedy written by William Shakespeare about two young star-crossed lovers. After Romeo finds out that Juliet is dead, he commits suicide in order to be with her for eternity. Romeo and Juliet was not the only ones to die; Romeo’s friend Mercutio also dies at the hands of Romeo after Romeo mistakes him for his enemy Tybalt. Tybalt, Romeo’s cousin, later dies in a duel during a fight between Romeo and Tybalt. So who is responsible for all these deaths? Was it Romeo or Tybalt who caused them?

The main character in Romeo and Juliet is Romeo Montague. He falls deeply in love with Juliet Capulet but her family will not allow them to marry because Romeo’s family is the enemy of Juliet’s. Romeo and Juliet, secretly married by a priest, believe that they can carry on their love as long as Romeo does not reveal his true identity. Romeo has a very short temper at times and it gets him into many fights with other characters in the play. He seems to be very impulsive and reckless; for example Romeo kills Mercutio at the party after Romeo thinks that Mercutio was killing Tybalt (Mercutio wasn’t actually harming anyone).

Romeo and Juliet are characters who have had to deal with very unfortunate situations. The outcomes of which, are tragic deaths because of the miscommunications that occurred between Romeo and his friends, Romeo and Juliet themselves, or Romeo’s friends and Juliet’s family. Throughout this play Romeo is faced with obstacles in which he must overcome to ensure happiness for himself, but each time something occurs leaving him at a point of no return; too far gone to be saved. He dies in the end due to his own selfishness.

Romeo was given chances here and there in which if he would change his way of thinking and alter the paths he took in life could’ve resulted in a positive outcome leading Romeo down a path toward happiness instead of destruction. Romeo was a young boy but he acted as if he had more experience in life than what Romeo actually had. Romeo’s friends brought him down to their level, they were the people who Romeo should be spending his time with. Romeo was always capable of having positive influences in his life, Romeo just needed guidance and that guidance came in the form of Friar Lawrence.

Romeo is not at fault for Juliet’s death because all her actions are planned out by her parents, she was forced to do something she didn’t want to do. If Juliet wasn’t told what to do by her parents Romeo may have never met her causing them both to live happy lives without each other, but unfortunately this isn’t how it works here. Romeo being in the wrong, Romeo and his friends breaking into Juliet’s party while she was taking a sleeping potion. Romeo should’ve known better than to think that something like this would work out for the good.

Romeo needed to take Romeo’s time in trying to get close with Juliet because if Romeo never got caught by her father they would’ve been able to be together possibly living happily ever after. Romeo carries responsibility for Mercutio’s death because Romeo gets mad at Benvolio for not fighting Tybalt then he goes off on his own resulting in him killing Tybalt which eventually makes Romeo kill Paris leading up to Mercutio being stabbed by Romeo who is filled with anger from Romeo killing Tybalt.

Eventually when Romeo finds out about Mercutio’s death Romeo decides to kill himself because Romeo feels as if Romeo is responsible for Romeo’s death. Romeo had a lot of chances before this that could have led him down a path toward happiness instead of destruction which Romeo never took. Romeo was given headaches from Lord and Lady Capulet, especially Lord Capulet who also wanted the life of Romeo to be taken away from him because Lord Capulet blamed Romeo for what happened between Romeo and Juliet.

This caused Romeo to reconsider decisions he made in life such as meeting with Juliet under the balcony or going on adventures with his friends rather than staying safe at home. In conclusion Romeo is not at fault for the deaths of either Romeo or Juliet because they both had their own self-destructive ways Romeo may have controlled Romeo but Juliet was always in control of Romeo. Romeo and his friends are not to blam for the deaths of Romeo and Juliet because they were young like Romeo therefore they didn’t understand how dangerous their actions were until it was too late.

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