Statement Of Purpose: Becaus V. Studying Abroad

What do you hope to achieve during your first year, outside of the classroom, at Florida State University? With all the opportunities given to me outside of the classroom at Florida State, one thing that I would like to achieve is to know all the chants for the football games. Being from New Jersey, high school football is not the biggest deal. No one goes to play division one football and when the season is over, it is never talked about again. But at Florida State, football is a big deal. Learning these chants would make me a part of a community, something not found where I’m from.

Assimilating to life in Tallahassee will be a huge transition for me. Life in New Jersey is cold, fast paced and very rigid. But down in Florida, everything is warm, there are friendly people and everyone speaks slower. Being a part of the community down in Florida State would facilitate this transition. Being a part of something makes you feel like you belong, and when you belong, you can thrive. A sense of community is something I would like to achieve because I cannot wait to thrive at Florida State.

Honors students are expected to focus on areas of personal growth in intercultural communication, service, research, entrepreneurship, and leadership. Knowing this expectation, please tell us why you want to be in the honors program and what unique skills or talents you will bring to our program? When growing up I never had a stable life. I was changing schools consistently and never had a chance to settle. This affected me a lot because I was not able to have certain opportunities because I would be uprooted and forced to start all over. I want the chance to be something and settle in one school.

Being in the honors program will open many doors that can be closed to me now. My whole life has been geared towards giving. I plan on giving everything to any cause that I am working on. Service work is very important to me because I want to make sure people have access to a better life. To the program, I can bring many unique skills. Working with those with mental illnesses have given me the skills such as patience, perseverance as well as trying to look at a situation from different angles. My heritage is also another part of me that I can bring to this program.

As a second generation Cuban-Colombian, I know the how hard something like a language barrier is. Being bilingual can help me succeed in reaching people from all over. For students who have chosen a major, respond to question 1. For exploratory students, respond to question 2. A. ) Recognizing that you have applied to a specific area of study in your major, please describe the reason you are interested in your chosen academic program. Discuss personal experiences and goals that relate to your major choice. If you are intending to double major, please feel free to discuss both majors, but be aware of space limitations.

Diabetes, high cholesterol, blood pressure issues, the list could go on when looking at my family’s health history. Growing up around this family dynamic, it has made me not only be careful with my health but also want to do more. With each and every family member constantly under a health watch, I want to be different. I want to solve the health problems of today. Looking at Florida State University’s Nursing program, it would be a privilege to try and combat the multitude of health issues out there. By way of total rehabilitation, I am passionately and with earnest, interested in joining the nursing field. III.

Great research begins with a question and the pursuit of its answer. Questions such as “Is habitation on Mars a possibility? “; “What role should the government play in the health care of its citizens? “; and “Is the Mona Lisa an ideal standard of feminine beauty in representational art? ” lead to insightful and creative research endeavors. If money and time were not a factor, what question would you seek an answer to and why? Describe the question’s importance to you and to society as a whole. A question that has always seemed to boggle my mind is that of, “Could we feed everyone around the world without destroying our planet.

Earth sustainability is a huge topic of discussion right now and we need to be more serious about how we are going to save our planet, our home. The world population is skyrocketing out of control and we need to make sure everyone can have access to food and resources. Overpopulating the land with crops would lead to the same mistakes made back in the time of the Dust Bowl. If money and time had no factor, I would consider how we can use other natural sources for crop sustainability. This is an important topic for me because of my family. Most of my relatives live in Colombia.

Some of them go days without food because it is so hard to attain. Making sure they, and the whole world, gets enough to eat means that life can flourish all around the world. IV. Every freshman at Florida State University is required to enroll in special topics courses during their first year of college that engage them in broad, critical and creative thinking about contemporary problems and the enduring issues of human existence. You have been given the task of developing this course. What would you title the course? What two readings would you assign? And what would you hope the students learn as a result of this course?

Life proposes many complex questions and the pint if college courses are to challenge our minds and get out of our two-dimensional thinking. If I were to create a course at Florida State, it would be called, “Successes in the Inner-Cities”. We all see inner cities as broken, run down and filled with crime. But what about those who change their lives? Those who grow up to be successful go against all rules of sociology and become trailblazers. The hope of providing this course is to show students that background does not affect who you can be. Just because you are from the inner cities does not mean you are destined to fail.

Same can be said for people in the affluent area, you are not automatically successful. Success is earned not given and hopefully, students of Flordia State walk away motivated to make their lives the best they can make it. V. Studying Abroad is a key component to one’s growth as an undergraduate student in the Honors Program. It can be done in a variety of ways: a traditional study abroad program, an international research experience, a global service experience. Assuming money was not an issue if you were to do this, where would you go? What would you do and why?

If money was not an issue, the question would not be where would I go, but how many places I would want to go to. Semester at Sea is a study abroad program that lets you travel to 10-12 countries a semester. To the white sandy shores of Greece, to the hallowed temples in Japan, I want to travel the world and be immersed in the many different cultures around the world. The connections made on the trip can help me branch out to different areas and perspectives of the world. The volunteer opportunities as well offered on the tour would help mold me into the well-rounded person I strive to be.