Tobacco Influence On Chesapeake Society Essay

The Influence of Tobacco on Chesapeake Society and its Subsequent Effects on Society, the Environment, and Politics.

Every day in America, 3200 people smoke their first cigarette. [1] Tobacco has been a part of daily life for so long, we don’t think twice when we see someone take a smoke break, or buy a pack of Camels at the gas station. However, tobacco was once an even larger part of society. In the early 1600’s nearly everything one did was dictated by tobacco. In fact, it is thought by many that America would not exist today were it not for the boom of the tobacco industry in the seventeenth century. Tobacco was king, and it shaped every aspect of Chesapeake society, from the economy to the environment and even the politics with by the…

In addition to exporting tobacco almost exclusively, the plant’s availability meant that in times where gold and silver were not common, tobacco was used as a currency. [11] Also, as economic subsidiaries of England, the various colonies of the Chesapeake region were bound by its mercantile system. [12] This required the colonies to export raw materials back to England, who would turn them into product which could be distributed wherever in was in demand. [13] This arrangement prevented direct trading with other nations, and as England needed tobacco more than almost anything else, colonists continued to produce it for…

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